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UltraVolt, Inc.

1800 Ocean Ave. Front
Ronkonkoma, NY 11779
Phone: 631-471-4444
Toll Free: 800-948-7693
Fax: 631-471-4696

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Bench-top power provides 30-W for OEM apps
The 30-W BT-GP series general purpose bench-top power system offers output voltages from 0 to 1 kV, 0 to . . .
10 to 40-kV HV supplies feature lower prices
The 10 to 25-A series and 30 to 40-A series of 10 to 40-kV high-voltage power supply modules are . . .
Micro HV supplies have less than 0.02% ripple
The D series dc/dc high-voltage power supplies offer <0.02% peak-to-peak ripple, line/load regulation, output-current-limit protection, and buffered voltage and . . .
Supplies take up 0.84 in.3of space
The V and the M series of dc/dc high-voltage power supplies are microsize micropower products. The V series is . . .
Microsize HV supplies suit critical applications
A line of micro size and micro power dc/dc high-voltage power supplies targets critical applications such as avalanche photodiodes, . . .