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Terminal Blocks

Terminal blocks include types of components that have an insulating base, or slab, equipped with one or more terminal connectors for the purpose of making electrical contact with panels, PCB, strips, feed-thru points, external areas, etc.
Terminal strips which are separated by an insulated barrier which effectively divides the block up into isolated barriers.
Board Terminals (38 Companies)
A board fabricated from an insulating material, containing a single or multiple row or arrangement of termination points for the purposes of making connections.
DIN-Rail mounted devices connect a high-density cable from a PLC or electronic control system to terminal blocks where wiring from field devices is terminated
Double Level Terminals (24 Companies)
Double Level Terminal blocks have two levels, containing two bridge channels on each level. This dual-channel system provides the capability of bridging as many blocks as needed.
Feed-Thru Terminal Blocks (50 Companies)
Feed-Thru Terminal Blocks allow one-to-one connections. Electrical terminal member affixed in the block and having a contact extending through a slot in it to provide a feed-through in a direction appropriate to the selected mounting orientation.
Feed-Thru Terminals (36 Companies)
Terminals which are used to make electrical and mechanical connections between both sides of a panel, chassis, or the conductive patterns on opposite sides of a PCB.
Lug & Ground Terminals (58 Companies)
A threaded lug to which a wire may be fastened in a terminal strip or box. When the terminal makes direct contact which a circuit or chassis ground, than it is considered to be a ground terminal.
Types of components that have an insulating base, equipped with terminal connectors for the purpose of making electrical contact with panels, PCB strips or feed-thru points and are designed to be mounted to a panel or chassis.
Components that have an insulating base, or slab, equipped with one or more terminal connectors designed to be mounted to a printed circuit board.
PCB Terminals (61 Companies)
A PCB Terminal is a hardware device for joining electrical circuits together for use in data entry and computer system displays
Plug-In Terminal Blocks (42 Companies)
Plug-in Terminal Blocks that feature screw flanges enabling male and female connectors to be clamped together to create ultra-reliable connections in all applications including high vibration.
Standoff Terminals (30 Companies)
Terminals which are used to hold a wire or other component away from a structure or panel on which it is mounted.
Terminal Strips (58 Companies)
An insulating base or slab equipped with terminals for connecting wiring. Strips may be fabricated with threaded holes to accept threaded screws or with threaded studs to accept fastening washers and nuts.
Coupling a thru panel construction with a high current carrying capacity makes this terminal block ideal for motor control, power supply and power distribution design applications

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