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48595 Wildrose Drive
Canton, MI 48187
Phone: 734-667-5275
Fax: 734-667-5276

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Intelligent servo drive features compact size
The iPOS3604 VX intelligent servo drive offers high power density (up to 360 W peak power) on a . . .
Intelligent motor drive handles 31 A peak
The ISD860 is a flexible intelligent dc or BLDC motor drive for cost-effective high servo performance control. The unit . . .
Small smart motor-drive card yields 180 W
The PIM3605 is a pluggable intelligent motor-drive card with a miniature size and weight (67 x 43 x 20 . . .
Smart step motors integrate DSP control
Based on MotionChipTM DSP control technology, the IS23x-MA intelligent step motors integrate a stepper motor, power electronics, and controller, . . .
Compact controller fits various motor types
Based on MotionChip DSP Control Technology, the IBL2401 compact intelligent minidrive embeds motion controller, drive, and PLC functionality to . . .