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Supertex, Inc.

1235 Bourdeaux Drive
Sunnyvale, CA 94089
Phone: 408-222-8888
Fax: 408-222-4800

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Front end receiver suits ultrasound apps
Suited for portable medical ultrasound applications, the MD3872 8-ch, front end ultrasound receiver features an input voltage noise of . . .
LED drivers suit fluorescent tube lighting retrofits
The CL8800 and CL8801, sequential, linear LED drivers are designed to drive long strings of low cost, low current . . .
Analog switches provide superior performance
Ideal for diagnostic medical ultrasound imaging, nondestructive metal flaw detection, inkjet printer heads and piezoelectric transducer drivers, the 32-channel . . .
Analog switch reduces PCB area, increases system reliability
Analog switch reduces PCB area, increases system reliabilityDesigned for use in medical ultrasound imaging systems, the 32-chANNEL HV2808 high-voltage . . .
LED driver offers high current accuracy
The HV9861A, an open loop, average current mode control LED driver IC, is designed to drive LEDs using a . . .