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State of the Art, Inc.

2470 Fox Hill Rd.
State College, PA 16803-1797
Phone: 814-355-8004
Toll Free: 800-458-3401
Fax: 814-355-2714

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TVAs target RF and microwave apps
Suited for both high reliability and commercial applications, a new line of temperature variable attenuator (TVA) are available in . . .
Chip resistors meet high-reliability specs
The Z termination line of miniature, high reliability chip resistors ranges in size from 0402 (0.040 x 0.020 in.) . . .
Mini chip resistors suit medical, aerospace use
The highly reliable Z termination line of miniature chip resistors are designed for a variety of applications, including medical . . .
Attenuator filters high-frequency harmonics
Featuring an integrated filter to eliminate high-frequency signals, the Filtenator clean attenuator allows the cutoff frequency to be varied . . .
Multi-tap attenuators conserve board space
Measuring 0.125 x 0.250 x 0.015 in., the MTA1225 multitap attenuators are available with wire-bondable or solderable terminations and . . .