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Stackpole Electronics, Inc.

2700 Wycliff Road, Suite 410
Raleigh, NC 27607
Phone: 919-850-9500
Toll Free: 888-SEI-SEI-SEI
Fax: 919-850-9504

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Current-sense resistors provide low resistance
The CSM series of molded current-sense resistors, offered in 2512 and 0603 sizes, uses a metal alloy plate . . .
Resistor series adds 0805 chip size
The CSRF series of current-sense resistors has added the CSRF0805, rated at 0.5 W and available in resistance values . . .
Chip resistor and solder joint cracking
Many factors affect the long-term reliability of ceramic-substrate-based chip resistors. Among those are changes in resistance due to soldering, . . .
Precision resistor comes in 5-W rating
The CSS4527 5-W-rated ultra-precision resistor features resistance values from 0.5 milliohms to 120 milliohms, and tolerances down to 0.5% . . .
Sensing resistors offer values down To 25 mΩ
Thermally efficient HPC Series resistors incorporate thick film chip resistor elements and accommodate resistance values down to 25 mΩ. . . .