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Skyworks Solutions, Inc

20 Sylvan Rd
Woburn, MA 01801
Phone: 781-376-3000

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Power switches for base stations, land mobile radios
The SKY12207-478LF (0.9-4.0 GHz; 50 W), SKY12208-306LF (0.02-2.7 GHz; 50 W) and SKY12210-478LF (0.9-4.0 GHz; 100 W) deliver transmit/receive . . .
1.5-A LED camera flash driver offers 88% efficiency
The AAT1274 is a high efficiency, 1.5 A high-current boost converter for LED photo flash applications. It maintains output . . .
RF switches handle up to 100 W
The SKY12207-478LF, SKY12208-306LF, and SKY12210-478LF SPDT silicon-based PIN diode switches operate over 0.9 to 4.0 GHz, 0.02 to 2.7 . . .
Analog chips target auto toll tag systems
Part of a series of analog chips for auto toll tags, the SMS7630-079LF is a surface-mountable plastic-packaged silicon mixer . . .
FEM enables high level of integration, carrier coverage
The SkyOne front-end module (FEM) integrates all RF and analog content between the transceiver and antenna for simplified design . . .