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The semiconductor family of devices include integrated circuits and discrete (non-integrated) semiconductors.
Discrete Semiconductors (45 Products, 268 Companies)
The discrete semiconductors section includes distinct circuit components such as, transistors, diodes, rectifiers, thyristors, triacs, SCRs, etc.
Integrated Circuits (55 Products, 670 Companies)
The integrated circuits section includes major groups of IC devices used in communication/interface, linear, logic, memory, microprocessor, optoelectronic, power management, etc. applications.

Recent Articles for Semiconductors:
Low cost LED driver controllers maximize efficiency
The ISL 1903/1904 LED driver controllers can operate in critical conduction mode (CrCM) and deliver the industry’s highest efficiency . . .
Optical driver supports Metro, Long-haul apps
The HMC6620BG dual-channel 32-Gbit/s Mach-Zehnder optical modulator driver supports the next generation of 40 Gbit/s and 100 Gbit/s Metro . . .
Bluetooth module supports audio for voice, music
Supporting audio for voice and music, the RN52 Bluetooth audio module provides low power consumption in a small, surface-mount . . .
Crypto coprocessors speed data traffic
The C291, C292, C293 crypto coprocessors enable PCI-E card solutions providing more than 120K RSA 2048 operations/second and delivering . . .
SSL LED driver addresses cost, lifetime issues in nondimmable residential bulbs
Addressing cost and lifetime issues in price-sensitive retrofit bulbs, the iW3626 SSL LED driver enables up to 20% BOM . . .
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