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Seagate Technology

920 Disc Drive
Scotts Valley, CA 95066
Phone: 408-894-5000
Toll Free: 800-262-9867
Fax: 408-952-3600

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External hard drive has 4-Tbyte capacity
The 4-Tbyte GoFlex Desk STAC4000100 external hard drive is said to be the highest capacity HDD in the industry. . . .
3-TB desktop HDD overcomes 2.1-TB limits
The Barracuda XT (ST33000651AS) hard-disk drive features a massive 3-Tbyte capacity with installation features to overcome the PC 2.1-Tbyte . . .
Fast hybrid disk drive stores 750 Gbytes
The second-generation Momentus XT hybrid disk drive features 8 Gbytes of SLC NAND flash and a 750-Gbyte HDD. The . . .
2-Tbyte HDD is first with 6-Gbit/s SATA
The Barracuda XT (ST32000641AS) 7,200-rpm hard-disk drive features 2-Tbyte capacity and is the first 3.5-in. high-capacity drive to have . . .
2.5-in. HDD provides speedy 250 Gbytes
The Momentus 5400.4 hard-disk drive uses perpendicular magnetic recording technology to deliver 250-Gbyte capacity in a 2.5-in. format and . . .