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Relays & Solenoids

Relays are electromechanical devices where contacts are opened and/or closed by energy in an isolated control circuit. Solenoids contain an electromagnet with a movable plunger and used to translate electrical energy into linear mechanical motion.
Cradle Relays (11 Companies)
Cradle relays, like general purpose relays, are those relays having a variety of applications. Relays can be used for multiple tasks, unlike more specified relays. Available with DC or AC coil voltages and various types of packages.
Crystal Can Relays (11 Companies)
Small sized, hermetically sealed relays, designed to meet stringent environmental conditions of temperature, shock, vibration and thermal shock.
Current Sensing Relays (67 Companies)
Current sensing relays sense a preset current value to operate a separate switched relay whose contacts may be used in a control circuit. Unlike relays for other protection, the current relay provides a continuously adjustable trip-current setting.
Gas-Filled Relays (6 Companies)
Gas-filled relays contain a vapor or gas that ionizes when the relay is switched on, creating electrical continuity. The gas-filled relays are excellent dielectrics and are found in high voltage applications.
General Purpose Relays (111 Companies)
General purpose relays are those relays having a variety of applications as opposed to relays for specific applications (e.g. clapper type, power, current sensing, telephone, motor start, etc.).
High voltage relays are used to transfer power for high voltage and high frequency applications. For improved isolation the relays are available with vacuum-filled dielectric, gas-filled dielectric, and as sealed reed relays.
Latching Relays (73 Companies)
A form of relay that maintains its contacts in the last position assumed without the need of maintaining coil energization. Latching is achieved by magnetic or mechanical means.
Linear Solenoids (44 Companies)
Linear Solenoids use an electromagnet with a movable core or plunger, which when energized moves a small mechanical part a short distance producing linear mechanical motion with an axial stroke in either a push or pull action.
Form of relay in which the contacts are wetted with mercury. Such relays are used to switch low-voltage signals because of its low contact resistance, or for high-speed counting and timing applications, where the mercury eliminates contact bounce.
Motor Start Relays (43 Companies)
A motor start relay transfers a large electrical current to a starter motor. Often it functions as a high current switch used in the starting circuit of some vehicles and electronic devices.
Opto-Isolated Relays (48 Companies)
Uses an opto-isolator to isolate controller drive power from relay load terminals. Improves isolation between the controller and noisy loads. Also used when controller does not have sufficient coil drive power to energize relay of desired contact rating.
PCB mounting relays are flexible relays that are soldered directly into printed circuit boards. Relays often found in low signal applications and present small packaging profiles in the system.
Plug-In Relays (80 Companies)
General purpose plug-in relays are available in many different package styles and most are compatible with multiple accessories and/or sockets. Base configurations vary but 8 pin octal or 11 pin are very common. Often relays handle high current or power.
Power Relays (102 Companies)
Power relays are industrial style and general purpose types that have contacts from 5 to 15A at 28VDC or 115/230 VAC or larger. Relays that handles heavy currents, usually rated 25A or higher, are called contactors.
Programmable Relays (28 Companies)
Programmable relays have the ability to be pre-programmed to perform certain tasks and at specific and selected times and intervals. Often relays have a multitude of I/O configurations.
Proportional Solenoids (17 Companies)
Proportional solenoids provide a specific stroke position which is controlled by the input current. The displacement of the plunger is proportional to the applied electrical current. Used in aerospace, automotive industrial and hydraulic applications.
Reed Relays (40 Companies)
Formed by using sealed glass-enclosed magnetically-actuated closed reeds as the contact members.
RF Relays (34 Companies)
A relay designed to switch electrical AC energy with frequencies between 3–300 MHz.
Rotary Solenoids (20 Companies)
Rotary solenoids convert axial motion into rotary stroke. The assembly consists of the armature plate, the hub, and the shaft, which is the complete moving element in a rotary solenoid. Solenoids are most widely used in disk drives and other such drives.
Safety Relays (31 Companies)
Designed to provide control reliability in circuits typically from safety devices e.g. emergency stop switches, limit switches, or safety interlock switches. If fault occurs safety relay removes power from the control elements until the fault is cleared.
Sealed Relays (59 Companies)
Hermetically sealed in metal housing with insulated header terminations. Contain organic matter to reduce conductivity of contacts. Before sealing, an inert gas is deposited to prevent oxidation. Relays work well in extreme temperatures and against shock.
Signal Relays (30 Companies)
Signal relays are used to switch low current loads, usually under 2A. Often these types of relays are packaged in PCB, or DIP/SIP cases.
Solid State Relays (SSRs) (102 Companies)
Relays which employ solid-state semiconductor devices as internal components. Relay operations are achieved by means of electronic components without moving parts and has high input/output isolation. Compatible with digital logic drive circuits.
Stepping Relays (17 Companies)
A relay having many rotary positions in which moving wiper contacts, ratchet actuated, mate with fixed contacts in a series of steps, and move from one step to the next in successive operations of the relay.
Surface Mount Relays (19 Companies)
Mount directly on foil pattern surface of PCB. Found in HF design and where space considerations are a premium. Give better RF performance in terms of signal loss, capacitive/inductive lead reactance and bandwidth than relays with through-hole leads.
Telephone Relays (32 Companies)
General term for relays used in telephone switching equipment. Usually high density, multi-pole relay for signal level switching. Formally applied to an armature with end mounted coil and contact springs mounted parallel to long axis of the relay coil.
Time Delay Relays (78 Companies)
A relay with electromagnetic action that provides a specified time interval between the energizing of the coil and the actual contact closure. The timing interval can be preset either by mechanical clockwork or electronic means.
Vacuum Relays (9 Companies)
A relay whose contacts are sealed in a low pressure environment. Usually designed for high power, high voltage breakdown applications.
Voltage Sensing Relays (55 Companies)
A relay that functions as a predetermined voltage relay, an over voltage or under voltage relay, or combination of both.

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