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Ramtron International Corporation

1850 Ramtron Dr.
Colorado Springs, CO 80921
Phone: 719-481-7000
Fax: 719-488-9095

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Non-volatile F-RAM memory takes just 20µA
The FM25e64 64-Kbit F-RAM memory chip provides high endurance, symmetrical read/write speeds, and -40 to 85C operation. This version . . .
Processor companion IC has FRAM, RTC, I2C
The FM31T378 processor companion IC features 256 Kbits of nonvolatile FRAM memory and a real-time clock with a temperature . . .
F-RAM memories meet automotive specs
The FM24V01-G and FM25V01-G 128-Kbit nonvolatile F-RAM memories operate over 2.0 to 3.6 V and meet stringent AEC-Q100 Grade . . .
Wireless NV memory uses F-RAM
The MaxArias WM71004/1008/1016 wireless memory family combines up to 16-Kbits of high-performance, nonvolatile F-RAM memory with RF connection via . . .
Parallel 256-K F-RAM has fast access
The FM28V020 256-Kbit parallel nonvolatile F-RAM features a fast 60 ns access time and 2.0 to 3.6-volt operation. Organized . . .