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RIGOL Technologies

No. 156 Cai He Village
Sha He Town, Chang Ping District, Beijing, 102206
Phone: 86-8070-6688-801
Fax: 86-8072-5571

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EMC Pre-Compliance: Testing on a Budget
One method to lower the additional costs associated with EMC compliance is to perform EMC testing throughout the design . . .
How to measure VSWR using a Rigol DSA-1000 series Spectrum Analyzer
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Analyzer delivers lab-level performance for less than $1,500
There are a number of low-cost spectrum analyzers touted on the Web that engineers wouldn’t want anywhere near there . . .
Scopes have BW to 500 MHz, prices from <$2K
The DS4000 digital oscilloscope series consists of eight models with 2 or 4 analog channels, bandwidths of 100, 200, . . .
Waveform generators have fast sample rate
Using direct digital synthesis (DDS), DG4000 series arbitrary waveform generators provide dual independent output channels with maximum output frequencies . . .