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RF/Signal & Power Filters

Pertains to products fundamental to signal and power line filtering. RF/signal filters include conventional frequency selective applications as well specific system functions. Power filters are for AC line, power entry, and EMI/RFI filtering uses.
AC Power Line Filters (91 Companies)
An AC line filter removes extraneous signals, electric noise, and "hash" from an alternating current power line without reducing the primary line voltage.
AF Filters (43 Companies)
An AF filter is used to remove/attenuate or process unwanted noise, harmonics, etc. for audio sound frequencies (from 20 Hz to 20 KHz). Variations of this filter type exist for applications including graphic equalizers, synthesizers, sound effects, etc.
Anti-Aliasing Filters (31 Companies)
An anti-aliasing filter is a filter used before a signal sampler to restrict the bandwidth of a signal to approximately satisfy the Nyquist sampling theorem.
A band elimination or band stop filter passes most frequencies unaltered, but attenuates those in a specific range. A notch filter is a band stop filter with a very narrow stop band (high Q factor) and used in sound systems to reduce or prevent feedback.
Band Pass Filters (150 Companies)
A class of filters which attenuate frequencies on either side of the specified pass band but allow transmission of signals contained within the specified band.
Ceramic Filters (51 Companies)
Ceramic filters are filters that use a series of resonant ceramic disks to obtain a band pass response. Often these discrete filters are used in the IF section of communications receivers.
Comb Filters (31 Companies)
Filter networks that pass only frequencies within a number of narrow bands, or provide outputs corresponding to each of its pass bands. Generally found in RF/microwave applications.
Delay Filters (30 Companies)
A delay filter simulates a transport delay frequency response and used in circuits where it is necessary to account for transport delay in control applications, or to delay a signal for timing purposes.
A digital filter is a system that performs mathematical operations on a discrete time input signal. The signal is filtered, mathematically manipulated, and then reconstructed. These types of filters are significantly more complex than analog filters.
Generic term for circuitry designed to limit transmission of specific frequencies and signals. Network filters act as firewalls against unwanted electrical traffic. Often filters are available as hardware but may also be developed as loadable software.
EMI Suppressors (90 Companies)
EMI suppressors are used to filter out electromagnetic interferences and unwanted or unneeded radio frequencies. Installed in the network circuits themselves or on the interface cables into the network.
EMI/RFI Filters (172 Companies)
Filters which suppress RFI, (unwanted propagated noise-type signals) and EMI (unwanted electromagnetic interference, e.g. radio, heat, light, etc.) disturbances.
Equalizer Filters (37 Companies)
An equalizer filter is an adjustable filter that compensates for the unequal frequency response of a signal processor system or circuit. Adjustments can be made on one or more parameters to determine the overall shape of the filter's transfer function.
Harmonic Filters (58 Companies)
A combination of inductance and capacitance tuned to an undesired harmonic to suppress its amplitude and protect electrical equipment from damage due to harmonic voltage distortion.
High Pass Filters (98 Companies)
A class of filters which attenuate frequencies below a specified critical or cutoff frequency, and allow the unrestricted passage of higher frequency signals.
IF Filters (65 Companies)
IF filters usually follow a down/up conversion process to separate signals and components of signals that are close together in frequency. This improves the frequency selectivity between adjacent stages in a communications receiver or network.
Ladder Filters (22 Companies)
A ladder filter is a frequency selective network with a "ladder network" topology. This network comprises elements arranged as shunt and series elements in an alternating fashion. For a ladder LC low pass: series-L1, shunt-C1, series-L2, shunt-C2, etc.
LC Filters (81 Companies)
An LC filter is a generic filter network. Components in design are inductors and capacitors. Filter performance, i.e. low pass, band pass, high pass, etc., and specifications; e.g., impedance, 3-dB frequency, slope, etc. determine component values/layout.
LC Networks (36 Companies)
LC networks are variations of tuned circuits and LC filters that consist of combinations of inductor and capacitor elements. When connected together they create an overall circuit with a desired frequency response.
Linear Phase Filters (52 Companies)
Provides linear phase response to input signal. Does not introduce phase or delay distortion; has constant group delay. To preserve integrity of information carrying signals, linear phase is an important criteria for filters used in communication systems.
Low Pass Filters (134 Companies)
A class of filters which pass all frequencies below a specified critical or cutoff frequency with little or no loss, but attenuate higher frequency signals.
Noise Suppressors (80 Companies)
Noise suppressors are used to cancel out or reduce unwanted sounds. Often used in audio applications by introducing “anti-phase” or “out of phase” noise into the system. Techniques sometimes implemented to reduce noise due to EMI interference.
Phase Networks (18 Companies)
Phase networks are combinations of circuit components designed to correct for input signal phase distortion and delay. Also used in AC power distribution to adjust and balance phases between multi-phase input voltages.
Power Entry Modules (37 Companies)
General purpose modular units used for broad band filtering for power supplies, switching devices, communications equipment, etc. Usually found near the input power line to the equipment.
RF Filters (148 Companies)
RF filters are used in the 3–300 MHz frequency range and found in combination with other filters to create desired signal frequency band characteristics. Applications of filters are in communications, telecommunications, radio/television, etc.
Single Sideband Filters (25 Companies)
A band pass filter in which the skirt on one side of the frequency response curve is greater then on the other side. Used in single sideband communications systems to suppress a carrier frequency and transmit one or both sidebands.
Variable Filters (45 Companies)
Filters in which design parameters can be controlled during test or through program control. Useful for signal conditioning where cut-off frequency, mode function, phase response, bandwidth, attenuation slope, etc. may be adjusted and controlled.
VHF/UHF Filters (58 Companies)
Commonly refers to filters that are use pass or reject signal frequencies from 50–800 MHz. Common applications of these types of filters are in communications, television, utility broadcasting, VHF/UHF devices, avionics, etc.
Video Filters (29 Companies)
Video filters provide wideband operation for passing picture or image signals, processing video signals, etc. Also permit editing of video data by removing unwanted sound, removing unwanted portions of a video, and cropping.

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