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Powerex, Inc.

173 Pavilion Lane
Youngwood, PA 15697-1800
Phone: 724-925-7272
Toll Free: 800-451-1415
Fax: 724-925-4393

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Recent Articles for Powerex, Inc.:
Powerex launches PowerSim app for Android
Easily calculate the semiconductor power losses of your 3-phase inverter. Created for the Android, the new PowerSim app from . . .
Powerex completes new automated production center
Leveraging $6M in U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) funding, Powerex, announces the opening of a new automated production center . . .
Dc/dc converter offers 400 to 900-Vdc input
The VLA313-2450A isolated dc/dc converter is used as a step-down dc/dc converter from a rectified ac-line between 380 and . . .
SiC MOSFETs operate from –40° to 200°C
The QJD1210006 and QJD1210007 silicon carbide (SiC) MOSFET modules operate at –40° to 200°C, beyond those possible with silicon . . .
4,500-V IGBT family has 150-A dual module
The QID4515001 is a 4,500-V/150-A dual high-voltage IGBT (HVIGBT) that targets 4,160-Vac lines. It has a 10.2-kVrms isolation voltage . . .

Reference Design Documents for Powerex, Inc.:
Two Channel Gate Driver for Large IGBT Modules
The BG2A is a fully isolated two channel gate drive circuit designed for use with dual IGBT modules. The BG2A utilizes Powerex VLA500-01 or VLA502-01 hybrid gate drivers to provide efficient switching of modules rated up to 1400A. The hybrid gate driver features a built-in high speed opto-coupler, short circuit protection and an isolated DC to DC converter with 2500VRMS isolation.