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Potentiometers, Trimmers & Controls

Potentiometers, trimmers and controls pertain to the variable or adjustable properties of resistors.
A potentiometer where the resistive element consists of carbon particles which are mixed with a binder, molded into a circular shape for the element, and then baked.
Carbon Potentiometers (27 Companies)
A potentiometer in which the resistive element consists of hot molded carbon. Carbon potentiometers can be obtained with a medium to high total resistance range, but are affected more by environmental changes than other types of potentiometers.
Potentiometers which use cermet construction in the manufacture of the resistance element. Advantages are high temperature use, wide resistance range, stability, and durability over wire-wound, metal film and carbon units.
A potentiometer in which the resistive element consists of a blend of resin and processed carbon powder applied to a plastic or ceramic substrate.
Linear Potentiometers (57 Companies)
Has a resistive element of constant cross-section, resulting in the resistance between the wiper and one end terminal proportional to distance. Used when proportional relation desired between shaft rotation and division ratio of the potentiometer.
Multi-Turn Potentiometers (41 Companies)
Multi-turn potentiometers are utilized where a high accuracy of the resistance setting is required. Often counting dials are combined with the potentiometer to provide a precision reference that is easy to read and resettable.
Non-Linear Potentiometers (33 Companies)
A continuously adjustable potentiometer, the resistance of which varies non-uniformly along the element–being greater, or less, for equal slider movement at various points along the resistance element. Taper generally used in audio volume controls.
Rheostats (18 Companies)
Rheostats are three-terminal resistors using only two terminals (one side and the sliding wiper with the third terminal connected to wiper). Often rheostats are designed to handle high voltage and control current in place of conventional potentiometers.
A potentiometer in which the slider travels the complete length of the resistive element with only one revolution of the shaft.
Constructed with the wiper sliding along the resistive element in straight motion rather than circular. Most often the taper is linear and these potentiometers are used to adjust loudness, frequency attenuation, and other characteristics of audio signals.
Trimmer Potentiometers (37 Companies)
Trimmers are small potentiometers to permit fine adjustment of resistance values in a circuit during initial calibration or when recalibration is required. Usually mounted directly on circuit boards, and turned with a small screwdriver or shaft.
Wirewound Potentiometers (38 Companies)
Resistance element constructed of turns of a wire on which the wiper contacts only a small portion of each turn. Offer good stability, low noise, high power capability, etc.; however, inherent internal capacitance/inductance limit usage at high frequency.

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