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Pletronics, Inc.

19013 36th Ave. W., Ste. H
Lynnwood, WA 98036
Phone: 425-776-1880
Fax: 425-776-2760

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New Frequency Control Technologies: A Comparative Analysis of New Technologies and Traditional Quartz Based Te
Over the years there has been a steady progression in the development of frequency control technologies. While many changes . . .
TCVCXO comes in tiny LCC packages
Housed in a miniature ceramic LCC package measuring 1.6 x 2.0 mm, the TCG4 series temperature-compensated voltage-controlled crystal oscillator . . .
TCVCXO offers low jitter
The THA3 series of Stratum-III temperature compensated voltage-controlled crystal oscillators (TCVCXO) provides CMOS output in voltages from 2.8 to . . .
OeXOs offer advantages over OCXOs
The OeD4/OeA4/OeM4 OeXO (OCXO equivalent crystal oscillators) series of precision frequency signal generators provides the accuracy and precision of . . .
Eval board programs up to 7 CMOS outputs
The FD7 Evaluation and Programming Board enables programming of the FD7 family of multioutput CMOS oscillators, with up to . . .