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Peregrine Semiconductor Corp.

9380 Carroll Pk Dr
San Diego, CA 92121
Phone: 858-731-9400
Fax: 858-731-9499

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RF SPDT switch operates from 100 MHz to 6 GHz
The HaRP technology-enhanced SPDT PE42422 RF switch provides a linearity of 115 dBm IIP2, and 70 dBm IIP3; low . . .
DTCs greatly increase tuning ratio
Designed using the company’s DuNE tuning technology, the PE64101 and PE64102 5-bit, 32-state digitally tunable capacitors (DTCs) enable wide-band . . .
PoL buck regulators suit hi-rel systems
The PE99151, PE99153 and PE99155 are radiation-hardened UltraCMOS-based PoL dc/dc buck regulators. The highly integrated devices, are the company’s . . .
Mobile World Congress starts Feb. 27
Claimed to be the industry’s premier mobile event, Mobile World Congress starts next week, running from February 27 to . . .
DTCs enable wide-band tunable networks
The PE64904 and PE64905 DuNE digital tunable capacitors (DTCs) are 5-bit, 32-state variable parts that provide a monolithically integrated . . .