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C/ Conchita Supervía 13
Barcelona, 08028
Phone: 34-098-980

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Recent Articles for PREMO:
Half-bridge antenna has enhanced emitter range
The KGEA-HB series broadcast antennas are designed for field emission low frequency (LF) and allow remote access to vehicles . . .
3D-coil isotropic antenna suits NFC
The 3DC15-HF 3D-coil isotropic magnetic antenna for NFC applications has a high surface resistance NiZn ferrite core and low . . .
3-phase filters suit renewable-energy apps
The HCWMGF series of filters targets renewable-energy equipment applications. The filters remove RF noise in the 10-kHz to 30-MHz . . .
PREMO Group announces a new distribution agreement in France with Equipements Scientifique
A new distribution agreement between PREMO Group and Equipements Scientifiques is part of the growth process and international implementation . . .
Premo Wuxi received R&D Center certification by China Government
Premo Wuxi R&D Center has been approved and certified by Jiangsu Province. Total of 68 companies in the whole . . .