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OSRAM Opto Semiconductor

3870 N. First St.
San Jose, CA 95134
Phone: 408-962-3700
Toll Free: 866-993-5211
Fax: 408-738-9120

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Recent Articles for OSRAM Opto Semiconductor:
RGB LEDs target large outdoor displays
Developed for large-format outdoor displays typically used at rock concerts, sporting events or for perimeter advertising, the Displix black . . .
Choosing LEDs for automotive displays
Automotive designers today have the benefit of being able to leverage the rapid growth in LCD TVs, LED-based projectors, . . .
OSRAM Opto Semiconductors: Green laser diodes open the door for high-quality pocket projectors
For a number of years, the world has been awaiting practical pocket projectors that would let individuals carry around . . .
Tiny green laser diodes deliver up to 50 mW
With optical outputs of 50 and 30 mW, respectively, and high beam quality, the PL 520 and PL 515 . . .
LED puts performance in headlights
Shown as a prototype at the International Symposium on Automotive Lighting in Germany in September 2011 (, the Oslon . . .

Videos for OSRAM Opto Semiconductor:
Report from Lightfair 2010
Significant advances for SSL this year
The folks at OSRAM ask EP Lighting editor Richard Comerford for an overview of the developments he's seen on the show floor.
OSRAM's Replaceable Incandescent LED
Sylvania OSRAM at Lightfair 2007
Dirk Hinterleiter discusses several of OSRAM's solutions for replaceable incandescent and induction-based lighting.
Reference Design Documents for OSRAM Opto Semiconductor:
Reference Design Kit RD-030
This Reference Design kit helps customers easily evaluate OSRAM OLED products and integrate them into their display systems in a short period of time. The Reference Design kit assembles all necessary items to power up, initialize, test various modes, and display images on a display module.
AN002 Reference Design
The Reference Design hardware board demonstrates the hardware’s ability to interface between the computer, an 8051 microcontroller, Serial Flash memory, and an OSRAM OLED display. This application note provides a detailed technical description of the Reference Design Hardware board as a starting point for complex designs utilizing different types of OSRAM OLED display.