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Oscillators, Filters, RF/Microwave & Communication

Family includes frequency dependent devices. Oscillators generate power at specific frequency. Filters have little opposition to certain frequencies while attenuating others. RF/microwave is a collective term referring to products used at high frequency.
Communication Components (23 Products, 677 Companies)
Communication components is a diverse section referring to products that are basic to the communications, telemetry and wireless industry.
Oscillators & Crystals (32 Products, 244 Companies)
Oscillators are active devices that generate power at a frequency determined by circuit parameters. A crystal is a solid material that vibrates at a specific frequency when energy is supplied.
RF/Microwave Components (44 Products, 898 Companies)
RF/microwave components is a general classification referring to passive and active devices and equipment operating in the RF/microwave frequency band. Major product areas include amplifiers, attenuators, mixers, oscillators, switches, etc.
RF/Signal & Power Filters (29 Products, 403 Companies)
Pertains to products fundamental to signal and power line filtering. RF/signal filters include conventional frequency selective applications as well specific system functions. Power filters are for AC line, power entry, and EMI/RFI filtering uses.

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