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Ohmite Manufacturing Company

1600 Golf Rd Ste 850
Rolling Meadows, IL 60008
Phone: 847-258-0300
Fax: 847-574-7522

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Cold plate cools high-power devices
The CP4 series liquid cold plates are designed for heatsinkable-type resistors, including the TAP600, TAP800, TA1K0, TA2K0, and various . . .
Alumina substrate packs in passive components
Today’s electronic device market is characterized by two conflicting demands: more power, less space. As users come to expect . . .
Heat sinks connect easily to TO-264 device
The C series heat sinks combine thermal performance with labor-saving attachment mechanisms to secure components in-place. This adaptable heatsink . . .
Heat sinks cool TO-264 devices
Eight new TO-264 heat-sink designs include the 27-mm-long MV/MA 101 and 301 heat sinks that hold two TO-264 devices . . .