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3908 Patriot Dr. Ste. 140
Durham, NC 27703
Phone: 919-597-7300
Fax: 919-597-7301

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Nextreme’s Products Expand Laird Technologies’ Thermal Management Portfolio
DURHAM, N.C. (February 29, 2012) — Nextreme Thermal Solutions, the leader in micro-scale thermal management and power generation solutions, . . .
Thermal energy harvesting for distributed sensors
The past decade has seen significant advances in distributed sensors and sensor networks. With these advances has come an . . .
Thin-film cooler suits high-heat apps
The eTEC HV56 module is a high-voltage thin-film thermoelectric cooler (TEC) that targets electronics cooling applications. At 85°C, it . . .
Nextreme expands engineering consulting services
Nextreme Thermal Solutions expanded its services to include materials evaluation and characterization services. Equipped with a full range of . . .
Thin-film thermoelectrics cool optoelectronics
Optoelectronic components have long had to deal with thermal management issues in order to ensure proper device performance. These . . .

Videos for Nextreme:
Thermal Copper Pillar Bump
Integrating cooling and power generation into traditional copper pillar bumping processes, Nextreme's Thermal Copper Pillar Bump addresses thermal and power management constraints.
Thin-Film Thermoelectrics
A high-brightness LED is powered by the heat of a candle.