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National Semiconductor

2900 Semiconductor Dr.
Santa Clara, CA 95052-8090
Phone: 408-721-5000
Toll Free: 800-272-9959
Fax: 800-737-7018

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Recent Articles for National Semiconductor:
Single-wire 16-bit DAC suits 4-20-mA loops
The 16-bit DAC161P997 D/A converter features a single-wire interface and 4-to-20 mA current loop drive that simplifies the design . . .
AFEs accelerate sensor interface design
The multichannel LMP900xx sensor analog front-ends (AFE) are targeted at precision sensing systems used to monitor and control temperature, . . .
DVGAs enable basestation radio designs
The LMH6522 quad and LMH6521 dual digital variable-gain amplifiers (DVGA) provide superior linearity performance over a wide frequency range, . . .
National Semiconductor agreement with Audi AG launches with the next innovative 2012 car models
SANTA CLARA, CA, July 27, 2011 – The 2012 Audi new car models will be the first following National . . .
National Semi’s speedy ADC
The 12-bit ADC12D1800 A/D converter from National Semiconductor offers a sampling speed of 3.6 Gsamples/s, which at the time . . .

Videos for National Semiconductor:
National Semiconductor - Overview of the LMK04800 family
Talk with Kim Y. Wong, Business Unit Director for High Speed Signal Path, about the new family of clock jitters - LMK04800
Christina Nickolas talks with Kim Y. Wong, Business Unit Director for High Speed Signal Path of National Semiconductor, about the new LMK04800 family of clock jitters, including the LMK04808, LMK04806, LMK04805 and LMK04803.
ERM Switching frequency vs Vin
LM3102 switching frequency measurement
Measurement of switching frequency from 10 to 40 Vin for LM3102 eval board
S2K 2009 - Cardiff, Wales
Natiola Semiconductor
Gerry Edwards, VP WW fab operations and quality, presents 'How are National Semiconductor changing and preparing for the next upturn and what are the consequences for manufacturing in UK'
Emulated ripple mode
LM3102 evaluation board
Measurement techniques of output noise and ripple using small ground wire
National Semiconductor - ADC12D1x00
ADC12D1x00 - fastest 12-bit ADC
Talk with Jon Baldwin, High Speed Signal Path Marketing Director, about their new high speed 12-bit ADCs at National's offices in Santa Clara, CA
Reference Design Documents for National Semiconductor:
LM88EVAL-A Evaluation Board
The LM88EVAL-A Evaluation Board simplifies connection to the LM88CIMM-A for evaluation purposes. The LM88CIMM-A is a preset dual remote-diode thermostat.
LMC555CBP Evaluation Board
This demo board uses the LMC555's capability to precisely adjust its output to mark time with ticks from a piezo speaker. The circuit offers a range of speeds from largo to prestissimo (59 to 182 beats per minute). Only a 9V battery or DC power supply are required to power the metronome board.
LM5027A Evaluation Board
The LM5027A evaluation board is designed to provide the design engineer with a fully functional power converter based on the Active Clamp Forward topology to evaluate the LM5027A controller. The evaluation board is provided in an industry standard quarter-brick footprint.
Modeling and Design of Current Mode Control Boost Converters
This application note presents a detail modeling and design of current mode control boost converters operating in the continuous conduction mode (CCM). Based on the derived small signal models, the design of a lag compensator for current mode control boost converters will be detailed. The LM3478 boost controller will be used in the example. Simulation and hardware measurement of frequency responses will be shown.
LP5952 Evaluation Board
This evaluation board is designed to enable independent evaluation of the LP5952 electrical performance. Each board is pre- assembled and tested in the factory. The evaluation kits are available in four output voltage options for the micro SMD package: LP5952TL-1.2EV, LP5952TL-1.3EV, LP5952TL-1.5EV and LP5952TL-1.8EV and one output voltage option for the COL LLP package: LP5952LC-1.5EV. For other voltage options, the device can be ordered from LP5952 product folder on National's website. The board contains the LP5952 and input and output capacitors connected to GND.
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