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NVIDIA Corporation

2701 San Tomas Expwy.
Santa Clara, CA 95050
Phone: 408-486-2000
Fax: 408-486-2200

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Apps accelerator card yields 3.95 teraflops
The Tesla K20X GPU accelerator is said to provide a tenfold application speed-up when paired with leading CPUs and . . .
Quadro GPU targets high-end mobile graphics
The Quadro K5000M is top model in the latest NVIDIA mobile GPU chip product line and targets acceleration of . . .
GPU card accelerates signal/image processing
Based on the new Kepler GPU architecture with 1,536 cores/GPU, the Tesla K10 accelerator board provides 4.58 TFLOPS of . . .
IDE for GPU design is Eclipse based
Said to be the first integrated development environment (IDE) for designing GPU accelerated applications on Linux- and Mac OS-based . . .
Graphics card tackles high-res medical apps
Quadro 2000D graphics card targets use in professional medical imaging environments to help improve the accuracy and timeliness of . . .

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NVIDIA Unveils The World's Most Advanced Game Development Platform
The game development industry is currently in the middle of one of the biggest transitions in its history with the introduction of Microsoft DirectX 10. To help the development community transition quickly to DirectX 10, NVIDIA today introduced a definitive new platform for advanced game development.