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NTE Electronics, Inc.

44 Farrand St.
Bloomfield, NJ 07003
Phone: 973-748-5089
Toll Free: 800-631-1250
Fax: 973-748-6224

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Weatherproof relays target automotive, marine apps
The R51 weatherproof relays feature shrouded 0.250-in. quick-connect terminals and are perfect for use in automotive, marine, tractor, lawn . . .
Contactors address definite purposes
A broad line of high-quality definite-purpose contactors for use in such applications as electric motor control, lighting, heating, and . . .
UL-rated fuses suit photovoltaic systems
The UL-rated 74-10FC Solar Protection Fuse series is specifically designed for photovoltaic (PV) systems/strings. The 10 x 38-mm midget . . .
Wirewound resistors suit high-power apps
High-power wirewound resistors are offered in a variety of styles and types to suit many applications. Offered in 1-, . . .