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Microtips Technology

3452 Lake Lynda Dr Ste 215
Orlando, FL 32817
Phone: 407-273-0204
Fax: 407-273-0771

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5-in. LCD ready for portrait mode
The AWT-480800T50N02 5.0-in. TFT LCD module provides true portrait mode orientation with a view cone designed for native portrait . . .
Tough LCDs can support 10-point multitouch
MT-TFT-Capacitive series TFT LCDs feature edge capacitive touch technology, including up to 10-point multitouch, gesture support, and the added . . .
7-in. LCD can be read easily in direct sunlight
The MT-TFT-1000BL series 7.0-in. TFT LCD is backlit with LEDs to provide 1,000-nit brightness so it can be read . . .
7-in. cap-touch display is wide, economical
The Microtips high-resolution 7.0-in. TFT LCD provides 1,024 x 600-pixel resolutions with a multitouch capacitive touch panel. In high . . .
5-in. LCD offers touchscreen option
Suitable for use in advanced portable devices, the 5-in. MTF-T050AHSLN-A TFT LCD is available with or without an optional . . .