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MicroPower Direct

292 Page Street, Ste D
Stoughton, MA 02072
Phone: 781-344-8226
Fax: 781-344-8481

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Mini board-mount supplies offer 1-W out
The MPM-01V series of miniature, single output 1-W ac/dc power supplies that measure 1.32 x 0.87 x 0.7−in. and . . .
Hybrid device drives IGBT modules
The IGD1205W is a hybrid integrated circuit specifically designed to drive n-channel IGBT modules. It provides the I/O isolation, . . .
30-W dc/dc converters offer 4:1 input
The F3000ERU series of 30-W dc/dc converters provide 12 standard models that operate from 4:1 inputs of 9 to . . .
Miniature dc/dc converter provides 4:1 input
The A1500RU series of 15-W dc/dc converters packaged in a 24-pin DIP package feature 4:1 inputs, 1,600Vdc isolation, and . . .
Open-frame 40-W supplies offer small size
The MPO-40S series of 4 x 2 in. 40-W open frame ac/dc power supplies feature eight standard models. They . . .