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Mentor Graphics

880 Ridder Park Dr.
San Jose, CA 95131
Phone: 408-487-7000
Toll Free: 800-950-5554
Fax: 408-487-7001

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Recent Articles for Mentor Graphics:
SoC design verification tool aids productivity
The Questa Verification Platform lets mainstream SoC designers more easily perform exhaustive formal verification analysis. The packages AutoCheck technology . . .
The ODB++ data format for PCB designs
Once a circuit design is complete and the PCB has been laid out, the complex process of transferring all . . .
System yields accurate thermal characterization
Combining a hardware test system and simulation software, the T3Ster and FloTHERM solution provides efficient thermal package analysis, with . . .
Mentor Graphics and Mecel announce the first complete AUTOSAR 4.x solution
Wilsonville, Ore. and Gothenburg, Sweden, December 15, 2011 — Mentor Graphics Corporation (NASDAQ: MENT) and Mecel AB announced today . . .
RTOS facilitates MCU power management
A pervasive trend in the embedded space today is the relentless demand for increased end-device functionality. The advent of . . .

Videos for Mentor Graphics:
Current design techniques updated - Mentor Graphics
Mentor Graphics Chairman Wally Rhines gives insite into the current state of IC and PCB design techniques.
The latest information on state-of-the-art electroic system design.
Mentor Graphics' real-time OS
Nucleus RTOS works with many processors
Elton Lum discribes the Nucleus RT operationg system that features a small footprint and ease of use. It is portable across many processors.
Mentor Graphics hardware/software design tools
Embedded software and hardware design tools can optimize software to save afactor of ten in power consumption and reduce design time
Mentor provides the latest tools that aid software, hardware, and system design for all sorts of products.
Mentor Graphics Design Tools
Mentor CEO describes design tools
Mentor Graphics CEO Walden Rhines favors Electronic Products with an overview of their broad set of excellent IC, FPGA, and software design tools.
Reference Design Documents for Mentor Graphics:
Mentor Graphics USB 2.0 Reference Design for Home Networking Solutions
This is a reference design for home networking applications that use the USB 2.0 Universal Serial Bus. The board comprises a USB 2.0-compliant function controller, an 8051-compatible microcontroller and a DMA controller implemented in two Xilinx Spartan-II FPGAs, together with a Kawasaki USB 2.0 transceiver. It provides an interface for high-speed data transfer between a PC and a SCSI disk drive.