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Melexis Inc

41 Lock Rd.
Concord, NH 03301
Phone: 603-223-2362
Fax: 603-223-9614

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Recent Articles for Melexis Inc:
Sensor system is a full TPMS solution
A system in package solution for tire pressure monitoring systems (TPMS), the MLX91802 combines an analog pressure sensor, a . . .
IC suits linear, rotary position sensing systems
The MLX90365 position sensor is a 12-bit resolution device that can be used in either linear or rotary position . . .
2-wire Hall effect sensors suit auto apps
With a wide programmable magnetic range, the MLX92221 and MLX92241 Hall Effect sensors feature Hall effect sensing elements operating . . .
RFID reader IC boasts high integration
The MLX90130 13.56-MHz HF RFID reader IC integrates an AFE and a built-in data framing engine for ISO15693, ISO14443A/B, . . .
Transceiver enables NFC capability in cars
The 13.56-MHz MLX90132 RFID/NFC transceiver IC is a fully integrated, multiprotocol device that supports ISO/IEC protocols 18092, 14443A and . . .

Videos for Melexis Inc:
EP at Convergence 2008
MLX80104 LIN network for automotive apps
Christina Nickolas talks with Joel Coplen, Field Application Engineer from Melexis, about the MLX80104
Reference Design Documents for Melexis Inc:
DK90308 / DK90314 Evaluation Kit
The DK90308 Demo Kit allows evaluation and calibration of the programmable parameters of the Interface IC. Board connects to a PC via serial cable (included). Windows interface makes calibration fast and efficient. Power supply and sensor element not included.
ClearSignal-Auto was designed to be included in the modern infotainment environment, where the digital receiver is part of a high-tech system and connected to other hardware and sensors, such as mobile phones, navigation and downloaded content.
Evaluation board for TH72001
The TH72012 evaluation board is designed to demonstrate the performance of the transmitter IC with an on-board loop antenna. This board allows the user to setup an RF transmitter very easily. Alternatively a 50 Ohm connector board can be requested.
MLX90109 Evaluation Board
The EVB90109 is a pre-assembled module that allows to evaluate the advantages of the MLX90109 reader IC. All pins from the MLX90109 are available on the DIL socket. 2 extra pins have been added for extended control options on the voltage on the MODU pin.
Evaluation board for MLX10801
The MLX10801 evaluation board is intended to be used as an application example of the MLX10801 Power LED driver. It was developed to demonstrate the features of the circuit and is suitable to be used in prototypes and mock ups to allow quick implementation of the MLX10801 in a LED lighting application. The MLX10801 evaluation board is designed for a Luxeon 1W Single Star LED.