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Recent Articles for MOUSER ELECTRONICS:
Mouser and Keithley Instruments Announce Distributor Partnership
January 10, 2013 – Mouser Electronics, Inc. has added Keithley Instruments, Inc. to its line-up of precision test instruments. . . .
Saving a (Battery) Life
Cameras integrated into mobile phones used to be a selling point. Now, they’re just a standard feature in even . . .
The Best Place to Find Help in Creating Low-Power, Energy-Efficient Designs
Since it is cheaper and better for the environment to save energy in electronic circuitry than to generate more . . .
New Tektronix TBS1000 Series Oscilloscopes Available at Mouser
January 17, 2013 – Mouser Electronics, Inc. is now stocking Tektronix TBS1000 Series Oscilloscopes. The new TBS1000 Series is . . .
Cree’s XLamp XM-L2 LEDs Now at Mouser
January 14, 2013 — Mouser Electronics, Inc., announced it is stocking the new XLamp XM-L2 LEDs from Cree, increasing . . .

Mouser Supplies LED Delivering Up to 4022 Lumens at 32 Watts.
Powered by groundbreaking SC5 Technology™, Cree's XLamp® XHP70 LEDs are part of the Extreme High Power (XHP) class that redefine lumen density and reliability to reduce costs up to 40%.
New Intel® Atom™ Processor In Stock At Mouser.
The new Intel® Atom™ processor E3800 product family addresses real-world needs through excellent computing, image and graphics processing, and strengthened security, delivered in a sub-10-watt SoC.
Mouser Supplies Contactless Connectivity Solution.
Imagine no longer having to design around the connector. Discover the freedom of transmitting data, signal and power through mere proximity – with TE Connectivity’s ARISO Contactless Connectivity Platform.
New Heart Rate Monitor Front End Is In Stock At Mouser
Analog Devices AD8232 Heart rate monitor front end delivers an integrated signal-conditioning block that extracts, filters and amplifies small biopotential signals in the presence of motion or remote electrode placement.
Mouser Supplies Development Platform for Always-On Sensor Processing Solutions
NXP LPCXpresso541xx Sensor Processing/Motion Solution Development Tools allow designers to develop an "always-on" sensor processing product from initial evaluation to final production. These tools support LPC541xx series microcontrollers.
Mouser IndyCar, Testing
Mouser Electronics Indy Car #77 - Mansfield, Texas. Test video.
Mouser Supplies Development Platform for Always-On Sensor Processing Solutions.
Mouser Supplies Development Platform for Always-On Sensor Processing Solutions.
Mouser 500 Engineering Challenge
Get your wheels turning and win big. Help the Mouser/KV Racing Technology Team solve some of their most intriguing challenges. Take the ultimate IndyCar challenge for a chance to win!
Discover a New Internet of Things Dev Platform at Mouser.
The size of a postage stamp, Intel® Edison development platform with its robust set of features delivers endless design possibilities for the world of wearables and the Internet of Things (IoT).
Tony Kanaan's shout-out to Mouser Electronics
Tony Kanaan speaks.
Get MultiSIM BLUE for FREE at Mouser.
Scheme, simulate, PCB layout, BOM and purchase using one tool. The entire tool chain is fully integrated. Quickly analyze the functional simulation of linear circuits and create PCBs.
The M in Mouser stands for More Texas Instruments
The M in Mouser stands for More Texas Instruments
Over 29,000 TI products in stock. Over 2,300 TI development tools in stock. Faster order transactions. Plus, fast & accurate same-day shipping. Mouser is your authorized source for everything TI.
Mouser Speeds Innovation with Infineon XMC 32-Bit Cortex-M MCUs.
Infineon XMC 32-Bit ARM® Cortex®-M Microcontrollers feature a wide range of options from low-pin-count devices to advanced solutions for industrial applications demanding energy-efficiency, long product life and high temperature robustness.
Meet Punya Prakash -- Mouser Electronics and DesignNews' Top Rising Engineer Star
Meet Punya Prakash -- Mouser Electronics and DesignNews' Top Rising Engineer Star
Discover a new Gateway to the Internet of Things at Mouser.
Connectivity is critical to generating intelligence. Intel® Internet of Things (IoT) Gateway Solutions connect legacy and new systems, plus enable seamless and secure data flow between edge devices and the cloud.
Mouser delivers added touch to MSP430 MCU
TI’s 430BOOST-SENSE1 BoosterPack for the MSP430 LaunchPad
Features several capacitive touch elements for rapid evaluation and development of touch sensing applications.
New Cree LMH2 LEDs Ready to Ship at Mouser.
Cree's LMH2 LED module is the only LED module delivering up to 108lm/W light-source efficacy combined with 90+ CRI in all available color temperatures.
Comprehensive Portfolio of Atmel Mixed-Signal LED Drivers at Mouser
Atmel LED driver family offers intelligent control for backlighting and solid-state lighting – giving design engineers tools for greater efficiency, dimming options, power management, scalability, and more.
Mouser Offers a Savory $45 Bone with New Beagle Bone Black
Featuring a high-performance processor from Texas Instruments, the lower-cost, high-expansion focused BeagleBone Black will provide developers easy access to industry standard interfaces and a well-developed ecosystem of software and tools.
TI Makes It Easy - C2000™ LaunchPad™ Evaluation Kit
Develop Real-Time Control Applications. Mouser Delivers the Answer.
Based on the Piccolo™ 32-bit microcontrollers, TI’s C2000™ LaunchPad gives developers everything to explore real-time control techniques for applications like digital motor control, lighting and power conversion. Visit
Mouser Supplies Engineers Development Platform for Smartphone and Tablet Accessories
Microchip’s new PIC24F Accessory Development Starter Kit for Android™
Microchip’s new PIC24F Accessory Development Starter Kit for Android™ speeds development of smartphone and tablet accessories based on Microchip’s portfolio of 16-bit and 32-bit PIC® MCUs.
We’ve got what design engineers need.
What’s Next. Right Now.
Mouser helps design engineers find the latest components and leading technologies to get their product designs to market faster – ensuring an edge in product development and longer product life.
Mouser delivers Low-Power, 8-Channel, 24-Bit Analog Front-End for ECG/EEG
Reduce size, power, and cost of scalable medical instrumentation
With its high levels of integration and exceptional performance, the TI ADS129xR family enables the development of scalable medical instrumentation systems (ECG/EEG) at significantly reduced size, power, and overall cost.
New Ayla Design Kit with Murata Wi-Fi. Only at Mouser.
Murata Ayla Design Kit features a Type YDD Wi-Fi Connectivity Module and provides developers a fast path to easily connect their projects to Ayla’s cloud service for IoT applications..
WaveAce Oscilloscope Features and Capabilities
Mouser Stocking the Newest Products from Teledyne LeCroy.
Mouser is your authorized source for Teledyne LeCroy, a leader in test and measurement solutions. Visit to see the newest products from Teledyne LeCroy.
Industry’s first SuperSpeed USB 3.0 Certified four-port host controller available at Mouser.
Texas Instruments TUSB7320/7340 USB 3.0 Host Controllers
Texas Instruments TUSB7320/7340 USB 3.0 Host Controllers provide SuperSpeed connections for 4 downstream ports and interface to a host system via a PCIe x1 Gen2.
Mouser delivers the only UL-listed solar (PV) combiner box on the market.
Tyco Electronics (TE) UL 1741-Listed SOLARLOK
Tyco Electronics (TE) UL 1741-Listed SOLARLOK combiner box’s completely pre-assembled, plug-and-play design provides labor savings and minimizes installer error during installation. It combines up to five strings in a pre-terminated, weather-resistant enclosure to meet National Electric Code (NEC) requirements for series fusing of solar (PV) modules.
Mouser Delivers New Compact High-Power LED for Indoor Illumination.
OSRAM DURIS S 8 allows different luminous flux packages with one LED type, plus reduces assembly and simplifies logistics. Its higher forward voltage (20.0/26.6 V) optimizes driver efficiency and costs.
PIC18F Starter Kit Overview
PIC18F Starter Kit Overview
The PIC18 Starter Kit contains everything needed to experience the high performance and versatility of the PIC18F microcontroller family. It includes an on-board debugger/programming capability as well as USB communication, a capacitive touch pad, potentiometer, acceleration sensor, MicroSD™ memory card, and an OLED display. The board can function as a USB mouse, joystick or mass storage device (thumb drive) all using the on-board capacitive touch sense pads.
Mouser Delivers Nucleo Development Platform from ST.
STMicroelectronics STM32 Nucleo Development Boards provide an affordable and flexible prototype solution for STM32 microcontrollers, showcasing the various combinations of performance, power consumption and features.
LPCXpresso tools for LPC800 family from NXP
Evaluate, Test, Debug & Develop.
NXP’s LPCXpresso™ is a new, low-cost dev platform for LPC families. It supports NXP's ARM® Cortex™-M0+ LPC MCUs and includes a low-cost Eclipse-based IDE with JTAG debugger. In stock at Mouser.
Mouser Delivers Development Platform for Xtrinsic Sensors.
The Freescale Freedom development platform is a small, low-power, cost-effective evaluation and development system for quick application prototyping and demonstration of Xtrinsic Sensors with Kinetis MCUs. Each platform is scalable.
Low Power MCU Comparision: nanoWatt XLP Vs. MSP430
16-bit Flash MCUs with XLP Technology. Available at Mouser.
Designed for power constrained and battery powered applications, Microchip’s PIC24F32KA304 MCUs feature nanoWatt XLP for eXtreme low power consumption, generating sleep currents as low as 20nA.
Proximity Sensing Solution at Mouser.
The Matchbox Demo, featuring Intelligent Proximity Sensing by OSRAM Opto Semiconductors, features the SFH 7770 E6, a two-in-one digital ambient light/proximity sensor and small, high-efficiency infrared emitters.
Mouser Freedom Boards
Freescale freedom development platform is a small low power, cost effective series.
Mouser Stocks Industry’s First Inductance-to-Digital Converter.
Texas Instruments LDC1000 inductance-to-digital converter is a-low cost system solution for sensing movement/displacement. It senses conductive targets in the presence of dust, dirt, oil and moisture.
Mouser Electronics - What's Next.
Mouser Electronicsprovides a look into the future of the company.
Mouser Electronics has The Newest Products for Your Newest Designs™. Keep pace with what's next at
Beep. Beep. AutomoTIve Solutions at Mouser.
From headlights to taillights and all systems in between, Texas Instruments offers a wide range of innovative technologies for the modern, connected automobile. Park it at
Intel® Galileo Now at Mouser.
Galileo is a microcontroller board based on the Intel Quark SoC X1000 Application Processor, a 32-bit Intel Pentium-class SoC. It’s pin and software compatible with 5V and 3.3V Arduino shields.
New Latching Digital Hall-Effect Sensor ICs In Stock At Mouser.
Honeywell’s new SS360PT/SS460P offers reliable switching points with high magnetic sensitivity of 55 Gauss max and built-in pull-up resistor. Designed for a clean output signal and faster latch response time.
Mouser Wandboard: Product Overview
The Wandboard is a development board centered around the Freescale IMX6 Series of Processors. There are solo, dual, and quad core versions, and it’s a modular development board. What that means is that there is a processor board and an interface boar
The Wandboard is a development board centered around the Freescale IMX6 Series of Processors. There are solo, dual, and quad core versions, and it’s a modular development board. What that means is that there is a processor board and an interface board. There is also a custom enclosure available for protecting the unit and for taking it outside the lab. The Hardware Freescale IMX6 Series Processor 4 DDR3DRM ICs Micro SD Connector WiFi and Bluetooth Integrated Modules 314 Pin Edge Connector (complies with EDM standard) The Freescale IMX6 Series Processors are pin for pin and software compatible, which means that if you need to go from the solo to the dual or the dual to the quad, you don’t have to recode everything or re-layout your board. You probably will have to do some coding to take advantage of the additional cores, but you’re basically ready to go. There’s a reset button, expansion headers, which have your GPIOs, LBDS signals, I2C Busses and SPI Busses. This connector is the interface for your stereoscopic camera interface. Front Side On the front side of the processor board you have: 5V in RJ45 HDMI Digital Audio Microphone In Line In Line Out Serial SATA High Speed USB 2.0 Another MicroSD slot for storage and applications USB On-the-go connector ICs – ADM 3202 -2 Channel, low power, high speed RS232 Interface Freescale SGTL 5000 – ultra low power audio CODEC AME 8816 – LDO which converts your 5V In to the 3.3V supply you need for the board TPS 2061 – power switch for the on-the-go USB Setup Download the Ubuntu 11.10 Version from the website. Burn it onto a Micro SD card on the back. You should be able to see Ubuntu Version 11.10 running on the Wandboard. Make sure the HDMI output is plugged into the HDMI input on the laptop. You have Ubunto Version 11.10, but you can also download Android Jelly Bean. Make sure your WiFi antenna is hooked up. On you can get the wifi antenna kit that includes the appropriate cable, as well as a custom enclosure if you search for Wandboard or pull up the Wandboard product page (it should be listed in accessories). Typical Uses If you wanted to use this as a streaming music player, you’d want to put it in the custom enclosure, hook it up to your TV via HDMI, and start streaming media from your USB drive or across your network. Wherever you store your media, you should be able to access it. Conclusion The Wandboard is a new take on development kits. By making the processor board and the essential functions of the unit more modular and the interface board a second board allowing you to customize your interface to your needs. It is based on the Freescale IMX6 and has basically everything you would need to design a system integrated into a single chip.
Racing technology in Sonoma with Tony Kanaan
At the Indycar race in Sonoma CA, an engineer with KV Racing talks about suspension, telemetry, and sensors.
Warren Wilson, of the Tony Kanaan racing team, is one of the key engineers of the car, which has Mouser Electronics as one of its prime sponsors.
Mouser Electronics Delivers NXP LPC800 LPCXpresso Board
Based on an ultra-low-power 30-MHz ARM Cortex-M0+ processor, LPC800 MCUs are designed specifically for the 8-bit world and offer deterministic, real-time performance.
Based on an ultra-low-power 30-MHz ARM Cortex-M0+ processor, LPC800 MCUs are designed specifically for the 8-bit world and offer deterministic, real-time performance. Featuring easy-to-use, innovative peripherals such as a flexible switch matrix and a state configurable timer, the LPC800 introduces a new level of flexibility without adding complexity. To learn more about NXP LPC800 MCUs and the LPCXpresso Board, visit “Mouser is excited to introduce this much-anticipated new development tool to our customers across the globe,” said Mike Scott, Mouser Vice President of Semiconductors. “NXP has earned a strong reputation as an innovator for developing their LPC-families of ARM-based microcontrollers, as well as mixed signal, and standard product solutions, targeting a wide range of markets and applications. The embedded design engineers have been eagerly awaiting this new board.”
Freescale Kinetis L Series In Stock At Mouser
Freescale Kinetis L Series combines the small footprint and ease-of-development of the 8- and 16-bit MCU with the enhanced performance, peripherals, energy efficiency, and scalability of the Kinetis 32-bit portfolio. Play video.
Mouser Carries Thermal Solution for Space Limited Areas.
Panasonic PGS Thermal Graphite Sheets
Very thin, flexible and can be cut into a variety of shapes, Panasonic PGS Thermal Graphite Sheets feature excellent thermal conductivity 2 to 4 times higher than copper.
Mouser Supplies Smaller, Friendlier and More Affordable Open-Source Hardware Platform.
BeagleBone credit-card-sized dev board’s BeagleBone credit-card-sized dev board, based on a TI Sitara™ AM335x ARM Cortex™-A8 microprocessor, enables fast development with a single cable, plus easy access to interface signals for sensors and controls.
Mouser delivers next-generation Bluetooth RF solution.
Panasonic PAN1315 Bluetooth® RF module
Panasonic PAN1315 Host Controlled Interface (HCI) Bluetooth RF module brings Texas Instrument’s seventh generation Bluetooth core integrated circuit, the CC2560, to an easy-to-use module format.
Mouser supplies first complete Power Management IC for energy harvesting
Maxim IC MAX17710 Energy-Harvesting Charger and Protector
The industry's first IC to integrate all of the power-management functions for ambient energy harvesting.
Molex Helieon® Sustainable Light Modules available at Mouser.
Most Innovative Product Award, 2010 International Light Fair
Molex's lighting system is the first plug-and-play, sustainable SSL to integrate high-efficiency precision lighting with an easy-to-use socketed solution.
Vishay VCNL4000
Fully Integrated Proximity and Ambient Light Sensor
Vishay Intertechnology introduces the VCNL4000 Integrated Proximity and Ambient Light Sensor, the industry's first optical sensor combining an IR emitter, PIN photodiode, and ambient light detector.
Mouser Stocks DMX512 Lighting Control Reference Design
NXP’s DMX512 lighting control system features a low-cost, low-power 32-bit ARM® Cortex™-M0 processor. Learn how the NXP LPC1100XL MCU enables feature-rich commercial, architectural and entertainment lighting applications in wired networks.
Microchip Multimedia Expansion Board
An integrated and flexible solution
The Multimedia Expansion Board is an integrated, yet flexible solution for development of high-impact User Interfaces. The board comes with a 3.2" Color TFT touch-screen display. Plus, it can be driven by any PIC32 Starter kit – allowing you to choose the device family that works best for you.