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Integrated Device Technology, Inc.

6024 Silver Creek Valley Road
San Jose, CA 95138
Phone: 408-284-8200
Toll Free: 800-345-7015

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Integrated Device Technology: Enterprise flash memory controller uses NVMe
Solid-state drives are taking over for all but large data storage. And now, Integrated Device Technology is sampling the . . .
NVM Express Explained
Why NVM Express? . . .
Flash controllers have NVMe/PCIe interface
The 89HF32P08AG3/89HF16P04AG3 NAND flash controllers have 32 or 16 independent 8-bit flash channels and a PCIe Gen3 x8 or . . .
HD audio codec is first to combine Class-G headphone and DDX Class-D speaker amps
Designed for ultra low power consumption, the 92HD95B HD audio codec is offered as the first to integrate a . . .
Product Of The Year Story Behind the Story: Transitioning away from quartz-based oscillators
On October 27, 2011, Integrated Device Technology introduced the world’s first ultra-low-power ±50-ppm CrystalFree CMOS oscillator. Generally, the frequency . . .

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IDT expands its product offerings
The new IDT has analog fuctions, RFand power management ICs
Director Lonny Trahan of IDT discribes the new IDT and its new products
Electronic Products talks with IDT's CTO, Mansour Izadinia about the company's strategy.
IDT (Integrated Device Technology) is a leading provider of essential mixed signal semiconductor solutions that enrich the digital media experience. Visit
Reference Design Documents for Integrated Device Technology, Inc.:
Brazos 92HD73E1X5/92HD73D1X5/92HD73C1X5 REFERENCE DESIGN
Brazos is a family of 10-channel (92HD73E1X5), 8-channel (92HD73D1X5), and 6-channel (92HD73C1X5) High Definition Audio (HDA) codecs. These codecs provide theater-quality 7.1 surround sound, headphone drive, and SPDIF In and Out. The 92HD73E1X5 versions offer an additional stereo DAC to provide RTC and surround sound functions simultaneously in a single chip. Both products provide the option of a digital microphone interface to enable low-cost bezel-mounted microphone arrays. This schematic shows a Microsoft WLP 3.x Premium Desktop compliant reference design for a 7.1 surround sound system, combined with an RTC channel for simultaneous VoIP. The jack arrangement is compliant with Intel's ICH9 default audio configuration. Most ports are capable of performing alternative functions. Check the IDT support webpage for examples of other applications.
IDT and Texas Instruments Development Platform Enables Higher Performance and Faster Time to Market for 3G Wireless Base Station Designs
IDT™ announced achievement of full interoperability between the IDT pre-processing switch (PPS) and the highest performance digital signal processors (DSP) from Texas Instruments (TI). Through this strong collaboration, both IDT and TI developed a robust 3G base station development platform that speeds customer time to market by jump starting mission critical software programming and enabling rapid, early prototyping.
IDT Arbor Clock Tree Design Service
The IDT Arbor Clock Tree Design Service was specifically launched to help designers with clock tree design. There is NO CHARGE for this service.