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Infineon Technologies Corporation

1730 N. First St.
San Jose, CA 95112
Phone: 408-501-6000
Toll Free: 888-STAT-411
Fax: 408-501-2424

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Recent Articles for Infineon Technologies Corporation:
650-V IGBT reduces switching losses >60%
The TRENCHSTOP 5 thin-wafer IGBT (insulated gate bipolar transistor) features 10% lower conduction and 60% lower switching losses compared . . .
Cortex M4 based MCUs target industrial
The XMC4400, XMC4200, and XMC4100 microcontrollers target industrial applications and use a Cortex-M4 processor. The ICs offer a high-resolution . . .
SiC Schottky diodes offer leading efficiency
The 650-V thinQ! SiC Schottky barrier diodes are based on thin wafer technology enabling improved thermal characteristics and a . . .
Thermal budgeting helps select components before prototyping
A power electronics engineer has to consider thermal capability of a design’s targeted components during initial selection. Yet, it . . .
Security on NFC-Enabled Platforms
Nearly a decade since it was first introduced, Near Field Communication (NFC) is entering the consumer technology mass market. . . .

Reference Design Documents for Infineon Technologies Corporation:
THOR RF Systems
Based on Infineon's well proven SMARTi RF transceivers for mobile communication applications, Infineon provide a fully developed, tested and documented THOR RF reference design for customers. THOR systems feature a minimum component count and smallest RF board space. Our customers receive a comprehensive development kit including detailed measurement reports, RF system boards (THOR-boards) and reference FTA documentation.
EASY 22554-R1 Reference Design with QuadFALC Version 2.1
The EASY 22554-R1 consists of an Reference Board with QuadFALC in P-BGA-160 package, QuadFALC device driver, Windows application to control the QuadFALC and additional tools to run the board.
Motor Control Development Kit
The MCDK reference design provides a turnkey solution for driving 3-phase low voltage brushless DC and AC induction motors, which are usually powered by batteries. The hardware design applies a broad range of Infineon IC products including microcontroller, bridge driver, power transistor, temperature sensor and voltage regulator. Infineon also makes Hall Effect sensors which often are placed inside Brushless DC motors for position sensing.
EASY 4222-R1 Reference System for IWORX®-P and QuadFALC® PXF 4222
This Reference System allows the user to run the INFINEON Graphical User Interface (GUI) WinEASY on a PC.
VOCATRI - TriCore based Voice over IP Reference Platform
The reference platform, Vocatri, is an 1TU-T H.323 compliant VoIP terminal adapter, which impressively demonstrates the capabilities of TriCore™1, Infineon's high performance processor cores for embedded systems. Its flash based software upgrading feature and integrated FPGA make Vocatri an ideal platform for: - Reference designs of optimized DSP algorithms, - Customized development environments, - Demonstration applications.
eeTechBriefs – 15-Minute on-demand multimedia web casts covering the latest product developments.