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Hardware, Insulating & Shielding Materials

Hardware represents an aggregate of items used in electronics design, such as fasteners, washers, clamps, supports, etc. Insulating materials pertains to dielectrics, heat sinks, etc., while shielding materials applies to items that suppress EMI/RFI.
Bushings (48 Companies)
Bushings are glass, plastic, metal, or rubber cylinders that are placed inside holes. They reduce friction within the hole and protect against motion of some mechanical parts.
Cable Clamps & Clips (50 Companies)
Cable clamps may consist of a saddle, U-bolt, grip, etc. fastener to firmly secure, hold and contain a cable. Cable clips are simple clamps which temporarily hold cables but allow removal and insertion.
Ceramic type insulators are used when electrical insulation is necessary in a very high-heat situation. Silicon fabricated insulators are pure crystal silicon and silicon oxide that usually are designed for insulation on ICs and microchips.
Circuit Boards Supports (12 Companies)
Circuit board supports protects, bolsters, and buttresses circuit boards. They help to relieve any weight on a circuit board while giving a firm non-conductive base to the board.
Coil/Transformer Shields (28 Companies)
Coil and transformer shields are enclosures that are placed inside and around coils and transformers to shield them from environmental hazards and electromagnetic radiation.
Component Clamps & Clips (39 Companies)
Component clamps and clips are used to hold, restrain, and secure various components of electrical devices.
Compounds & Coatings (72 Companies)
A substance which is applied to a device in order to protect it. Etchants are chemical agents to remove solid material from substrate; e.g. removal of foil patterns from PCB, etc. Adhesives refer to epoxies, sealants, etc. used in fastening applications.
Conductive Elastomers (70 Companies)
Conductive plastic materials are plastics and other synthetic materials having the ability to conduct electricity. Conductive elastomers are elastic rubber-like substances having same characteristics of rubbers and plastics, but also conducts electricity.
Conductive mesh and fabric screening is put into electronic packets and devices and used to conduct thermoelectric currents through the device.
Couplings (35 Companies)
Shaft couplings are fittings that connect two lengths of shafts. Rigid couplings are appropriate when a precise shaft alignment is required. Flexible couplings transmit torque while allowing some radial, axial, and angular misalignment.
Are electrical insulators serving as a base for another material. The dielectric material is selected with dielectric strength, dielectric constant and loss tailored for a specific circuit application. Typical materials are silicon, ceramic, quartz, etc.
Electrical Contacts (72 Companies)
Electrical contacts are the active parts of electrical switches, connectors, etc. In circuits and in the joining of multiple electrical devices, the contacts are the points at which the electrical devices meet and touch for electrical continuity.
ESD protective materials limit static electricity generation and prevent build-up or retention of electrostatic potential by rapidly dissipating charges over its surface/volume. Also used to fabricate enclosures or packaging for equipment and components.
EMI/RFI Shielding (130 Companies)
EMI/RFI Shielding is a layer of insulation protecting against unwanted disturbance that affects an electrical circuit due to either electromagnetic or radio frequency interference.
Fasteners (93 Companies)
A device used to secure a conductor (or other object) to the structure which supports it.
Feed-Thrus & Seals (57 Companies)
Feed-Thru is a conductive material used to make electrical and mechanical connections between the conductive patterns on the opposite side of a PCB. Strain Relief bushings are bushings intended to relieve stress on electrical or mechanical devices.
Ferrite Shielding Beads (46 Companies)
Passive ferrite components used to suppress HF noise and EMI/RFI in electronic circuits. Beads employ the mechanism of high dissipation of HF current in a ferrite. Ferrite beads may also be called ferrite cores, shielding beads, etc.
Ferrules (29 Companies)
Ferrules are clamps, usually circular, that are used to hold fibers, wires, or posts together by crimping, swaging, or otherwise altering the ferrule to fit and permanently tighten onto the part it holds.
Fuse Clips & Holders (45 Companies)
Fuse holders are sockets or supports that allow users to easily replace the fuse contained within. Clips are terminal contacts on the holder for wiring into the circuit.
Grommets & Bushings (41 Companies)
Grommets and bushings are metal, plastic, or rubber rings inserted into holes made in another material-can buttress the hole and/or protect against sharp edges. Bushings are linings reducing friction/wear. May also be used to restrain mechanical parts.
Ground Clamps & Clips (21 Companies)
Ground clips and clamps are usually metal or plastic strips and clips that are designed to make electrical connections with a common circuit point or the ground.
Guide Rails (DIN Type) (19 Companies)
DIN guide rails (top-hat rails) are standardized 15, 35, and 75 mm rails used most often in Europe. They are good for mounting circuit breakers and industrial control systems into equipment racks.
Heat Sinks Insulators (21 Companies)
Products, materials that protect against or help dissipate heat.
Insulation Material is used for thermal control, soundproofing, fireproofing, and shock-proofing. Most are made from conductive and convective insulators, radiant heat barriers and synthetic polymers. They come in spray foams, blankets and rigid panels.
Laminates & Substrates (59 Companies)
A material on the surface of which an adhesive substance is spread for bonding or coating. This supporting material on or in which the parts of an integrated circuit are attached or made. The substrate may be passive or active.
Magnetic Shields (35 Companies)
Magnetic shields are enclosures, material, metal sheets, or foils that help to protect electronics from the influences of external magnetic fields. Used in MRI equipment, monitors, CRTs, medical instrumentation, R&D experiments, etc.
Mounting Hardware (42 Companies)
Brackets are mounting devices normally made of metal, wood, and occasionally stone. When attached to a wall, they form a right angle, on which a shelf or other device can be placed to hold weight.
PCB Mounted Test Points (19 Companies)
A place or position in an electronic circuit at which a suitable measurement can be made with an instrument external to the circuit.
Plastic Tubing (49 Companies)
Plastic tubes are hollow, cylindrical tubes of various thicknesses. They can carry gases and liquids and are rigid and permanent fixtures. They are available in a variety of shapes, including elbow, coupling, valve, etc
RF Shielding Gaskets (55 Companies)
RF shielding gaskets are flexible materials that act as sealers to tighten and close openings in enclosures, cases, etc. Gaskets also provide conductive environmental seals and protection as well as EMI and RFI barriers in electronic devices.
RF Shields (64 Companies)
Able to reduce coupling of radio waves, EM and electrostatic fields to the enclosed electronic devices. Holes in metal shield/mesh must be much smaller than wavelength of the radiation, or the shield will not approximate an unbroken conducting surface.
Shielding Kits (25 Companies)
Contains materials, assemblies for PCB or connector shielding from RF, EMI, other signal interference.
Shrinkable caps, forms, and tapes have the ability to undergo changes in size when heated and cooled. The caps, forms, and tapes are available in a variety of sizes and shapes and the amount of shrinking is proportional to the increase in temperature.
Spacers & Standoffs (47 Companies)
Standoffs and Spacers are used to separate two components from each another. They can be made of many different materials in various shapes and sizes. Insulating Standoffs keep two parts from touching each other, thereby preventing an electronic short.
Static Eliminator is a device for reducing atmospheric static interference in a radio receiver.
Strain Relief Bushings (10 Companies)
Strain relief bushings are bushings intended to relieve the stress on an electrical or mechanical device or part. By inserting a bushing in a hole, the tension on the component passing through the opening is lessened and weight is evenly distributed.
Magnetic Tape is a medium for magnetic recording consisting of a thin magnetized coating on a long and narrow strip of plastic. A Foil is a surface designed to maximize lift while minimizing drag. Foils may be designed to operate in air or water.
Thermal and semiconductor mounting pads are insulators of relatively low heat conductive material that are used to reduce the mounting surface of a semiconductor against thermal gain, or loss, of heat by radiation, convection, or conduction.
Thermal interface materials/mastics (TIMs) are used to fill the gaps in thermal transfer surfaces to increase thermal transfer efficiency. They come in thermal pastes and greases or in phase-changing materials.
A tube shield is a metal container protecting the tube from effects induced by electric/magnetic fields. A CRT shield guards against EMI in TVs, etc. Photomultiplier tube shields protect against ambient light which prevent the tubes from working properly.
Washers (42 Companies)
Washers are thin donut-shaped plates often fabricated from metal, but available in plastic, nylon, etc. They aid in equally distributing load of threaded fastener. Washers can be machined as flat, split, finishing, shoulder, retaining, tooth, etc. styles.
Wire Jacketed Shielding (49 Companies)
Wire jacketed shielding is normally heat-resistant and helps to protect wires against abrasion with other wires, corrosion, and other hazards.

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