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Global Lighting Technologies, Inc.

55 Andrews Circle
Brecksville, OH 44141
Phone: 440-922-4584
Toll Free: 886-922-4584
Fax: 440-922-4585

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GLT Introduces New Custom LED-based LCD Backlighting Solutions with High Brightness for Sunlight ReadabilityGL
Brecksville, OH — Global Lighting Technologies (GLT), the world leader in edge-lit, LED-based light guides for LCD backlighting, has . . .
Slim LED troffer shines 3,250 lm at >70 lm/W
The 4,000K GLT OL2 Flat Panel Ceiling Light can now provide 3,250 lm, about 33% more light than the . . .
LED lamp economically replaces 2x2 fluoros
Priced under $130, the OL2 series 2 x 2-ft LED-based flat-panel down-light assembly replaces same-sized fluorescent lay-in troffers used . . .
Backlights suit touch-enabled displays
Suited for backlighting touch-enabled display graphics in a wide variety of applications, the Ultra-thin light guides employ side-firing, high . . .
Optimizing backlighting with LED edge-lighting
Superior light-extraction efficiency, combined with an optimum backlight-unit (BLU) system design, maximizes the advantages provided by the latest advances . . .

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Global Lighting Technologies
SID 2007
David Degazio from Global Lighting Technologies talks with Murray Slovick at SID 2007 about the future of LED backlighting in consumer and automotive applications.
LED lighting advances
Recent advances from Global Lighting Technolgies at DisplayWeek
Global Lighting Technologies showcased a whole range of lighting and backlighting products at the recent DisplayWeek conference