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Fox Electronics

5570 Enterprise Pkwy.
Ft Myers, FL 33905
Phone: 239-693-0099
Fax: 239-693-1554

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TCXOs provide custom frequencies up to 250 MHz
The FXTC-HE73 series HCMOS XpressO-TC oscillators offer a tight frequency stability of ±2.5 ppm across an extended temperature range . . .
Temperature oscillator provides jitter under 1 ps rms
The FXO-HC33 oscillator series can withstand temperatures from 40 to 85°C, while delivering tight stabilities down to ±50 ppm. . . .
Paying closer attention to timing in electronic designs
We have all experienced, at some point in our lives, how “timing is everything.” Yet when it comes to . . .
AEC-Q200-qualified crystal oscillators offer widest range
Certified to AEC grades 1-4 as well as to the ISO/TS-16949 specification, the FA5xx and FA4xxx series AEC-Q200-qualified crystal . . .
Reinforce your IQ on high-Q oscillators
Quartz-based timing technology, which started with fixed-frequency devices using quartz references and simple oscillator electronics, has been revolutionized into . . .