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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I Search on provides the User a number of options for searching:
  • The Site Search tool is the general purpose search for the site. Here, you can enter any term that you wish to search for. Results are separated into the following areas: Products, Inventory, Manufacturers, Distributors, and Product Information Pages.
  • The Product Search tool finds all products that starts with, or contains, the category you choose. Once located, you can then search deeper into the specific product of choice and locate related manufacturers and detailed information.

    To begin an EEM Product Search, type a product description into the search box and click the "Search" button. For example, if you entered "Metal Film Resistors" a list of all EEM product families, or sections, containing the word "Metal," "Film," or "Resistors" is displayed in addition to associated product categories of "Metal," "Film," or "Resistors." Click on the function/type that best match your needs (in this example, "Resistors, Metal, Film").

    You are then presented with a list of manufacturers which offer that product. EEM featured companies are displayed first. This list displays the following options for researching or contacting the manufacturer. Certain options are available only for featured companies.

    You can click directly on the manufacturer's name or logo (for featured companies), and the company profile page appears. The company profile displays address, contact information, featured companies product information pages and provides a hyperlink to the manufacturer's Home page. The product information pages (PIPs) (for featured companies) provide detail data and specifications on specific products. Many pages also contain hyperlinks for additional details from the featured company's site.

    Specific icons may appear next to a manufacturer's name:
    • The EP Article icon ( ) indicates available related articles on Electronic Products for this manufacturer.
    • The Distributors icon ( ) lists all of the manufacturer's authorized distributors.
    • The Application Reference Material icon ( ) summarizes product/literature provided by this manufacturer on selected reference material, applications notes, and design kits.
    • The Product Information Products icon ( ) displays featured company's data pages.
    • The IC Master icon ( ) links over to the IC Master site, where you can do parametric searching for related products and data.
    • The EE Tech Brief icon ( ) indicates that the manufacturer has supplied a short multimedia webcast that can be viewed on demand.
    • The Reference Design Documents icon ( ) lists any possible reference designs from that manufacturer which has been supplied to Electronic Products . This includes details on fully tested and working designs or demonstration boards.

  • The Inventory Search feature of EEM identifies all parts that start with, or contain, the product number (P/N) desired. "Begins With" or "Contains" is selectable once the P/N is entered. Complete P/N inventory (manufacturer, quantity on hand, inventory date, authorized distributor, or Buy Now/RFQ) can be determined.
  • The Manufacturer Search locates manufacturer(s) that contain the name you select. Enter the Manufacturer name directly in the search box and click on the "Search" button. You can also find all EEM entries that contain that Manufacturer name. Once chosen, details found for the manufacturer are address, website, telephone/Fax numbers and e-mail contact.
  • The Distributor Search locates authorized distributor(s) that contain the name selected. To begin a Distributor Inventory search, simply type in the part number to determine exactly who carries that given part and how many are available in stock. EEM's Distributor Inventory Search engine interfaces with a database containing parts from major authorized distributors worldwide. Once chosen, distributor details are provided such as address, website, telephone/Fax number, e-mail contact, and the manufacturers they represent as an authorized supply source. Click on the Distributor Search heading in the Site Search Tool, enter the Authorized Distributor name, and click the "Search" button to locate all EEM entries that contain that Distributor name.

    If you are a distributor, and wish to participate in EEM's inventory search, please click here and enter the appropriate information in the form provided.

  • The Product Information Pages (PIPs) Search locates all featured companies data pages that contain the word(s) or product(s) that you enter into the PIPs search box. Many pages also contain hyperlinks for additional details from the featured company's site. Click on the Product Information Product Search heading in the Comprehensive Search Tool, enter the Manufacturer name or Product of interest, etc., and click on the "Search" button to find all EEM PIPs that contain the data.

How do I Suggest a New Product Category for EEM?
To suggest a possible product for listing in the EEM database, please click here. Enter complete information in the suggestion box to ensure that the product suggested is unique, manufactured by a number of companies, and not currently implied or cross-referenced in the EEM database.

How do I Add/Update My Company information on EEM?
To add your company or update your present listing on, please click here. You will then be required to fill out the information request detailed in our "Welcome to EEM's Online Questionnaire." The EEM Editorial staff will review your request and contact you on this matter.

How do I order EEM Print?
You can order EEM in Print by going to the Order EEM Print page and following the simple instruction.