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Enclosures, Cabinets/Racks, Front Panel Components & PC Boards

Enclosures, cabinets/racks, front panel components pertain to products dealing with boxes, cases, etc. used for equipment assembly; enclosures housing the equipment, and front panel items used on the equipment. PC boards apply to the bare circuit board.
19-inch Enclosures (80 Companies)
Units that fit into rack enclosures, etc. and are designed to house standard 19-inch wide rack-mounted components or other standard-sized devices. Designed to protect personnel from injury and to prevent the affects of environmental contaminants.
Bezels & Escutcheons (29 Companies)
Bezels are flanges or covers often used for holding an external graticule in front of a display, lens, meter, etc. An escutcheon is a protective or ornamental backing plate around an opening or flange.
Cabinet Enclosures (141 Companies)
Cabinet enclosures are storage products that are used to contain equipment, hardware, devices, accessories, etc. May have access doors or drawers for containment or security.
Cage Guide/Retainers (92 Companies)
A metal enclosure, or “cage,” which contains metal louvers, grooves, or slots to accept vertical mounting of PCB cards. Often cage may be designed to accommodate acceptance of any card size or spacing and constructed to accept air flow cooling.
Generic term includes chemicals utilized in electronic industry. Etchants are chemical agents to remove solid material from substrate; e.g. removal of foil patterns from PCB, etc. Adhesives refer to epoxies, sealants, etc. used in fastening applications.
Usually mechanical devices, including levers, which are designed to assist in removal of PC boards from card cages, PC mounts, etc. In some cases tools are used to physically grip or push the card for ease of removal and insertion from/to the card cage.
Hardware contained within a PCB enclosure or card cage to facilitate the alignment, installation and securing of PCBs.
This type of chassis consists of a framework (usually metal) on which the circuit boards are mounted. Also generically refers to a cage or enclosure of an assembly in which boards may be inserted or secured in place.
Circuit Boards (34 Companies)
Are insulated boards upon which interconnected circuits and components e.g. ICs, discrete devices, microchips, etc., are mounted or etched. Cladding is the covering of one material with another, e.g. copper cladding for conductivity and solderability.
Circuit breaker enclosures are junction boxes which contains circuit protection components and control devices. Often these enclosures are readily accessible in order to reset possible tripping of breakers or replacement of fuses upon circuit failure.
Desktop Enclosures (51 Companies)
A protective housing containing electrical or electronic equipment. Usually found on operator’s desk. May house industrial controls such as display screens, pushbuttons, keyboards, lights, and other operator control devices.
Designed for snap-in mounting on standard DIN rails as well as for panels or direct wall products.
Electronic Boxes (58 Companies)
General purpose relatively small box-type enclosure to house electronic circuitry. Made be fabricated of metal, ABS-type plastic, or other hard materials.
Electronic Equipment Cases (100 Companies)
Refers to generic cases used to house small electronic equipment or devices. Usually cases are rectangular and fabricated from a variety of materials, e.g. metal, plastic, etc. Available in many different sizes, sealing configurations and mounting styles.
This type of chassis consists of a framework (usually metal) on which the circuit boards, electronic assemblies, hardware, and other components for the electronic equipment are mounted.
Enclosures support active/passive backplanes of standard bus types–may contain internal power supplies, controllers, etc. Eurocard is a standard format for PCBs; other bus architectures used in industrial, military, testing, computer applications, etc.
Hand-Held Enclosures (38 Companies)
Small enclosures that can accommodate a variety of electronic assemblies. Most are molded cases consisting of a top, base, and cover, having an ergonomic profile for comfortable holding.
Handles, drawers, slides, etc. are all hardware components which are accessories to enclosures, cabinets, racks, etc. assemblies. These peripheral items ease the operator’s interface and usability of the equipment.
Instrument Enclosures (105 Companies)
An instrument enclosure is general term for a container, box, cabinet, etc. that houses electrical or electronic equipment, components and devices. Designed to prevent electrical shock to users and protect the contents from the environment.
An enclosure or cabinet where keyboards, terminals displays and associated electronics are mounted in an ergonomic arrangement for users.
Knobs, Dials & Drives (65 Companies)
Knobs and dials refer to shaped parts fastened to one end of a control shaft so that the shaft can be turned easily. Drives refer to an intermediate belt, cord, or gear placed between the dial and shaft.
Metal Enclosures (138 Companies)
Refers to generic metal cases used to house electronic equipment or devices. Available in many different sizes, sealing configurations and mounting styles.
Metal Panels (92 Companies)
A plate of metal upon which the controls and/or other parts of equipment is mounted. Designed to be user accessible and may contain knobs, dials, switches, meters, etc. to control/monitor the interior electronics.
PCB Mount Enclosures (60 Companies)
An enclosure, containing metal louvers, grooves, or slots to accept vertical mounting of PCB cards; often enclosure has chassis mount fasteners to also accommodate horizontal mounting of boards.
Plastic Enclosures (101 Companies)
Constructed of an ABS-type plastic, and can hold a variety of small electronic assemblies for hand-held applications, desktop/instruments, remote controls, or general utility.
Power distribution enclosures are junction boxes to contain high voltage/current wiring, and possible circuit protection components and control devices. Often interfaces with incoming source power line(s) and power requirements for the external system.
Printed Circuit Boards (120 Companies)
A PC board in which the interconnecting wires have been replaced by conductive strips printed, etched etc., on the insulating board. Construction may be single/double sided, or multilayered, both rigid and flexible.
Protective Covers (32 Companies)
These protective enclosures are products specifically formed to cover the mating end of connectors to provide mechanical and/or environmental protection. Also includes material or flexible enclosures to protect equipment from environmental conditions.
Ruggedized Cases (44 Companies)
A case designed to withstand use in harsh environmental conditions and withstand prolonged vibration and mechanical shock.
Ruggedized Racks (40 Companies)
Designed to reduce dust, moisture, and provide EMC suppression to installed sub-assemblies. Racks are constructed of heavy-duty steel and may meet various MIL and/or environmental specifications and equipment loads.
Sealed Enclosures (48 Companies)
An enclosure, case, box that is specially designed and hermetically sealed from the outside air and designed to operate under conditions which subject enclosure to immersion in water or a high humidity environment.
Shielded Enclosures (116 Companies)
An enclosure, case, box containing electronic equipment or devices that is specially designed with shielding or screening so as to provide a controlled electromagnetic environment with a minimum of RFI, EMI, etc.
Shock-Mounted Enclosures (39 Companies)
Enclosures that can withstand shock and vibration in harsh environments. In some cases, enclosures can withstand the full force of a seismic event. Many telecom, military and aerospace system enclosures require this feature in their construction.
Terminal Housings (29 Companies)
An enclosure or cabinet where keyboards, displays and associated electronics are mounted in an ergonomic arrangement for users.
Transit Cases (91 Companies)
Rugged cases to house, protect, and ship instruments or equipment. Commonly made of molded fiberglass reinforced polyester, heavy duty polyethylene, aluminum, etc. to protect instruments from hostile environments, shock, vibration, moisture, or impact.

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