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Electromechanical Components

Electromechanical components family groups hardware products that exhibit useful effects by way of mechanical motion or actions produced by manual or electronic forces.
Circuit Protection Components (20 Products, 323 Companies)
Circuit protection includes components, devices, and modules, such as fuses, circuit breakers, isolators, and suppressors that passively or actively protect components, circuits, or systems from voltage/current overloads.
Cooling Products & Thermal Management (20 Products, 387 Companies)
The cooling products & thermal management section includes mechanical blowers, fans and related accessories in addition to thermal control devices and related solid state components.
Motors, Drives & Rotating Equipment (16 Products, 249 Companies)
Fundamental to electromechanical components are motors and drives. Included are AC, DC, brush, brushless, and application specific motors along with related gear mechanisms, actuators, slides and synchros/resolvers.
Relays & Solenoids (29 Products, 267 Companies)
Relays are electromechanical devices where contacts are opened and/or closed by energy in an isolated control circuit. Solenoids contain an electromagnet with a movable plunger and used to translate electrical energy into linear mechanical motion.
Sensors, Transducers & Audio Components (68 Products, 965 Companies)
Sensors convert a physical parameter to an electrical signal. Transducers convert energy from one form into another; audio components are special transducers converting acoustical energy into electrical outputs.
Switches (58 Products, 691 Companies)
Switches are mechanical/electronic devices designed for interrupting, completing, or changing connections in an electrical circuit when desired. Besides mechanical or electronic switches, this section includes keyboards, matrices and modular devices.

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