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The displays section pertains to products that are fundamental to visual presentation of information, control and viewing of readouts, monitors, displays, or representation of data in visible form.
Display Modules (126 Companies)
Display Cells and Modules are based upon segmented display cell technology (SDC). They are used as the display screens and display technology on cell phones and other personal devices.
Dot Matrix Displays (108 Companies)
Consists of a matrix of lights usually arranged in a rectangular configuration. By switching on or off selected lights, text or graphics can be displayed.
Edgelights project light into lighting panels for display purposes, such as overheads. Backlights are lights built into display terminals that make it easier to view, especially in dim light.
Electroluminescent Displays are created by sandwiching a layer of electroluminescent material between two layers of conductors. When current flows, the layer of material emits radiation in the form of visible light.
Form of illumination used in LCDs which illuminate from the side or back. Electroluminescence (EL) is an optical and electrical phenomenon in which a material emits light in response to an electric current passed through it, or to a strong electric field.
Flat Panel Displays encompass a growing number of technologies enabling video displays that are lighter and thinner than traditional TV and video displays that use cathode ray tubes. They can be divided into two general categories: Volatile or Static.
Graphic Display System (71 Companies)
Graphic Display Systems are combinations of monitor and video adapters that make computers capable of displaying graphics.
Graphic Display Boards (60 Companies)
Graphic Display Boards are electrical panels that are used to display information, pictures, letters, or numbers.
GDCs have CPU interface that enable direct connection of embedded CPUs and MCUs, flexible layer concept, support for screen resolution (XGA), alpha-blending and anti-aliasing. Used for car navigation, mobile info terminals and video input 2D/3D functions.
High Resolution Monitors (85 Companies)
High Resolution Monitors display a greater number of distinct pixels in each dimension and more dots per inch (DPI) than standard monitors.
Intelligent Displays (61 Companies)
Intelligent Displays have superior readability and use all visible colors. Configured data is easily displayed on monitors.
LED Displays (157 Companies)
LED Displays are available in seven-segment and starburst format. Seven-segment displays handle all numbers, but only a few select letters and symbols. Starburst displays can show all letters. LEDs are used in large displays and information boards.
Lighted Segment Displays (64 Companies)
Seven-Segment Displays (Lighted Segment Displays) are electronic display devices that are used to show decimal numbers. They are used in digital clocks, electronic meters, and other numerical displays.
Display utilizes two sheets of polarizing material with a liquid crystal solution between them.
Message, status, and programmable displays are able to be configured and changed easily. They often display bulletins or important information on a moving screen.
Multifunction Displays (53 Companies)
A Multifunction Display is a small CRT or LCD screen that can display a variety of information. They are especially useful to pilots because of their small size and clarity.
OLED Displays (38 Companies)
Organic Light - Emitting Diode (OLED) Displays is a special type of LED display in which a charge in the emissive layer comprises a thin-film of certain organic compounds. OLED displays do not require a backlight to function.
Plasma Displays (17 Companies)
A Plasma Display panel is a flat panel display often used for large TVs and similar electronic equipment. Cells between panels of glass hold inert mixtures of noble gases. When excited electrically, the phosphors are turned into plasma and emit light.
Readout & Display Lenses (32 Companies)
Readout and display lens are designed to create a bright lens system that can correct any visibility issues. They can be used in advanced digital cameras, recorders and viewing monitors. They have three layers, two positive layers and a negative layer.
Remote Displays (41 Companies)
Remote Displays are large digit displays that show numbers that are driven from a computer or other monitor. Actions can be displayed from the computer on a larger or different screen.
Comprise a special kind of FET made by depositing thin films for the metallic contacts, a semiconductor active layer, and a dielectric layer onto a substrate.
Touch Monitors and Touch Screens are displays which can detect the location of touches within the display area, usually performed either with the human hand or a stylus.
Touch Screen Controllers (19 Companies)
A display that detects touches within the display area allowing it to be used as an input device. Such displays can be attached to computers or, as terminals to networks. It’s also used in the design of PDA, satellite navigation and mobile phone devices.

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