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Diamond Systems Corp.

1255 Terra Bella Avenue
Mountain View, CA 94043
Phone: 650-810-2500
Toll Free: 800-36-PC104
Fax: 650-810-2525

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SBC has EMX form factor, Atom E680 CPU
The Altair ALT1600 rugged single board computer features the new EMX (EmbeddedXpress) stackable format and uses an Atom E680T . . .
8-port GbE switch comes in PC/104 format
The Epsilon EPS-8000-XT PC/104 form-factor layer 2 managed Ethernet switch module provides eight 10/100/1,000-Mbit/s copper twisted-pair ports. The card . . .
SUMIT-ISM module has Wi-Fi, Ethernet, USB
The Corona multi-function SUMIT-ISM I/O module is said be the first such module to combine Wi-Fi, Ethernet, USB, and . . .
COM Express CPU module has it all
The Magellan embedded-ready processor subsystem combines the benefits of computer-on-modules (COMs) with those of stackable single-board computers. The modules . . .
Linux development kits target SBCs
The SDK-ATHM-LNX, SDK-HLV-LNX, SDK-HRC-LNX, and SDK-NPT-LNX Linux software development kits target single-board computers that use VIA Mark, DMP Vortex86, . . .