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Cypress Semiconductor Corp.

3901 North First St
San Jose, CA 95134
Phone: 408-545-7600
Fax: 408-545-7699

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Cypress Semiconductor: SoC combines capacitive sensing and wireless 2.4-GHz communication
Enabling user interface functionality in wireless devices, including gestures that are compatible with Windows 8 applications, the PRoC-UI (Programmable . . .
Touchscreen controllers offers best noise immunity
The TrueTouch Gen4 touchscreen controllers offer an immunity to charger noise of up to 15 V peak-to-peak (Vpp) from . . .
Chip combines a 2.4-GHz, wireless radio, and capacitive touch
Suitable for wireless mice, trackpads, remote controls, presenter tools, and other Human Interface Devices (HIDs), the PRoC-UI (programmable radio-on-a-chip–user . . .
Building a better touchscreen
As 2012 winds down, we begin looking to the year ahead and what changes the market might bring for . . .
IDE with 100 new features is 80% faster
The PSoC Creator 2.1, the Integrated Design Environment (IDE) for the PSoC 3 and PSoC 5 programmable system-on-chip families . . .

Videos for Cypress Semiconductor Corp.:
Touchscreen Technology
With Sam Fintz of Cypress
Sam Fintz of Cypress Semiconductor Corp. talks about TrueTouch Touchscreen Technology.
Reference Design Documents for Cypress Semiconductor Corp.:
Cypress And Mobilygen Offer Two Video-Over-USB Reference Designs For High-Quality H.264 Video Up To 5X Faster Than Real-Time In Mobile Devices
Cypress Semiconductor Corp. and Mobilygen Inc. have introduced two reference designs to convert any video file to H.264 format in mobile devices. The new Crusher and Crusher-Capture reference designs use Cypress's EZ-USB FX2LP USB controller and
Cypress & UPEK Reference Design for External USB Hard Disk Drives with Fingerprint Authentication
The CY4661 reference design from Cypress and UPEK provides customers with an external USB hard disk drive (HDD) with fingerprint authentication security for conveniently protecting data and enabling authentication services.
CY4671 - Cypress & Symwave Reference Design for Biometric Security in External USB Hard Disk Drives (HDD)
The CY4671 reference design from Cypress and Symwave provides customers with a single-chip on-board encryption solution for adding fingerprint recognition technology to their external USB hard disk drive (HDD), complete with a full-featured Symwave software suite. The reference design utilizes the Symwave BioPrint SW6888 swipe sensor and the Cypress EZ-USB FX2LP(TM) programmable USB controller, the industry's widely-used high-speed USB 2.0 microcontroller.
CY4611B - USB 2.0 USB to ATA Reference Design
This reference design features the new EZ-USB FX2LP(TM) which enables bus-powered mass storage applications that take advantage of the high bandwidth capability of USB 2.0. This design supports ATA (Advanced Technology Attachment) specification modes through UDMA-100 for the highest performance USB mass storage solution available.
PSoCÆË Magnetic Card Reader
The PSoCÆË Magnetic Card Reader Reference Design (MCR) implements a two-track magnetic card reader. The magnetic card reading heads are interfaced directly to the PSoC, requiring only three resistors and two capacitors per track.
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