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Cree Inc.

4600 Silicon Dr.
Durham, NC 27703
Phone: 919-313-5300
Fax: 919-313-5452

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Recent Articles for Cree Inc.:
LED array delivers 200 lm/w
Based on silicon-carbide echnology, the MK-R LED array is able to produce 200 lm/W at 1 W, 25°C, the . . .
White, single-die LED is brightest new star
Fulfilling a promise made in the laboratory three years ago, the XLamp XM-L2 LED delivers efficiencies up to 186 . . .
SiC 100-A module features full qualification
The CAS100H12AM1 is the first commercially available, fully-qualified, all-SiC power module. The module, rated at 100-A current handling and . . .
Design-easing LED arrays have top efficacy
With outputs from 500 to 5,000 lm and efficacies as high as 146 lm/W (5,000K at 25°C junction temperature), . . .
Small LEDs are more economical, brighter
Able to replace today’s XP-E and -G LEDs, XP-E2 LEDs can increase the lumen output of designs employing the . . .

Videos for Cree Inc.:
CREE demonstrates new silicon-carbide transistors & diodes
CREE shows off a 10 KW HV switching design with 97% efficiency.
Silicon carbide-based diodes and FETs for power control and management provide increased efficiency, reduced size, and higher frequency in a variety of applications.