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Cooling Products & Thermal Management

The cooling products & thermal management section includes mechanical blowers, fans and related accessories in addition to thermal control devices and related solid state components.
AC Fans (48 Companies)
AC cooling fans use several types of motors and bearings. Domestic AC fans operate nominally at 120 V, 50–60 Hz. Fans that operate at 400 Hz AC are primarily used in aerospace applications. Bearing types include ball, roller, and sleeve or bushing.
Air Cleaners & Filters (32 Companies)
Removes solid particles (smoke, dust, mold, bacteria, etc) from entering/exiting the fan/blower. Used in intakes, exhausts, ventilation systems, etc. Filter normally made from foam, paper, cotton, or fiberglass fibers and can be replaced when dirty.
Axial Fans (68 Companies)
Blades from this type of fan force air to move parallel to the shaft about which the blades rotate, and across the axis of the fan.
Brush DC Fans (41 Companies)
DC brush-type fans use brush DC motors which have built-in commutation. Although less expensive than brushless-type fans, the brushes eventually need replacement and the fan requires maintenance.
Brushless DC Fans (47 Companies)
Use synchronous electric DC motors which have an electronically controlled commutation system instead of a mechanical commutation system based on brushes.
Centrifugal Blowers (45 Companies)
Provides high volume of air at moderate static pressure. Typical applications include cooling of electronics and communications equipment, air circulation for cooling and heating.
Fan Accessories (48 Companies)
Fan accessories include fan guards, wire mesh guards, grills, fan filters, filter kits, blower adapters, back draft dampers, mufflers, duct hoses, etc.
Fan Guards (46 Companies)
Metal/plastic grills or shrouds furnishing a physical barrier between rotating fan blades and the outside environment. Also provide protection from flying particles, contaminants, etc. which may enter or exit the fan.
Fan Speed Controls (30 Companies)
Fan speed controls are devices that control the motor functions of cooling fans. Speed may be varied continuously or in discrete steps, depending upon the design of the control.
Heat Sink Fan (46 Companies)
Heat sink fans aid heat sinks in the transfer or thermal energy. Fans are attached to the heat sink and help to increase the overall area of heat transfer coefficient, which makes the heat sink more effective and efficient while increasing heat flow.
Heat Sinks (98 Companies)
A mounting base, usually metallic, that dissipates, carries away, or radiates into the surrounding atmosphere, the heat generated within a component or semiconductor device.
Propeller Fans (28 Companies)
Propeller fans are highly efficient and operate quietly. They are axial-flow fans that operate against little static pressure. Mostly used for exhaust or circulation purposes in electronics enclosures, instrument panels and communications equipment.
Tangential Blowers (21 Companies)
Found in low-static applications where noise is critical and uniform airflow over a wide path or air curtain is required. Used in refrigeration systems, air purifiers, and any wide area which needs to be cooled, heated, or have air flowing through it.
Thermistors (76 Companies)
Thermally-sensitive solid state devices whose electrical resistance varies with temperature. Positive temperature coefficient (PTC) types show exponential increase in resistance with temperature. Negative temperature coefficient (NTC) types show decrease.
A pair of dissimilar metal wires, joined so that when the junction is heated, the thermoelectric effect causes a voltage proportional to the temperature to be generated.
Modules incorporating a thermoelectric heat pump used to transfer heat to an assembly. Thermoelectric devices applied to refrigeration, utilizing the Peltier effect to cool electronics. A heat exchanger is for efficient heat transfer between mediums.
Thermostatic Bimetals (16 Companies)
Made in strips or disks consisting of two jointed metals or alloys with different rates of thermal expansion. Temperature changes force the bimetals to move or shift and a mechanical displacement is obtained. Used to control temperature-dependent devices.
Thermostats (39 Companies)
Devices for regulating the temperature of a system near a desired set point temperature by switching associated system heating or cooling devices on or off as needed.
Tubeaxial Fans (44 Companies)
Designed and built with a cylindrical housing for ventilation purposes utilizing simple ductworks, since a low volume of air is to be moved.
Vaneaxial Fans (23 Companies)
Provide high volumes of air at high static pressure. Aerodynamically shaped impeller blades reduce air disturbances and result in increased efficiency and low noise. Applications include electronics cooling with high air resistance or static pressure.

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