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Control System Components

The control system components section covers all types of control products, counters and timers. Also included are a number of devices that are used to control devices; namely, joysticks, trackballs, controllers, programmers and positioners.
Counters (69 Companies)
Instruments used to detect ionizing radiations having very short wavelengths. Natural sources of radiation are radium, uranium isotopes and ores in which these elements are present. Some man-made sources are the atomic bomb, CRTs and X-ray machines.
Counting Timers (99 Companies)
A timer is a specialized type of clock used to control the sequence of an event or process. The Timer counts down from a specified time interval, like an hourglass.
Delay Timers (91 Companies)
Delay Timer is a term used to designate a timer which is primarily used for energizing a load at a specified time.
A device that indicates the actual time it takes to perform a given fuction
Interval Timers (94 Companies)
Devices which control the interval between two events (start and stop) or used to control the time a load is energized or de-energized.
Manual data entry devices. The joystick consists of a handle with motion in all directions of a plane; the trackball consists of a sphere mounted in a small open-topped box.
Control Valves are valves used mainly within industrial plants to control operating conditions such as temperature, pressure, flow, and liquid level. Indicator is an instrument that provides information. Transmitter generates or amplifies an RF signal.
Motion Controllers (112 Companies)
Motion Controllers can be solely analog components. They require a Load, a Prime Mover, Sensors, to be able to sense the Motion and monitor the Prime Mover, and a Controller to provide the intelligence to cause the Prime Mover to move the Load as desired.
Motion Controls (101 Companies)
An instrument or apparatus used to regulate the motion of a device.
Motor Controls (222 Companies)
A motor controller is a device or group of devices which serves to govern, in a predetermined manner, the electrical power delivered to a motor.
Positioning Controls (125 Companies)
Positioning Control is a discrete or point-to-point control in which the controlled motion is used as a means of arriving at a given end point, without path control during the movement between the end points.
Power Controllers (65 Companies)
A power-management object that knows about the various power states of a device and can switch the device between them. A power controller changes the power state of a device only upon instruction from its policy maker.
Pressure Controls (65 Companies)
Pressure Control is a device used to manage, command, direct or regulate the effect of force when applied to a surface.
Process Control Systems (90 Companies)
An automatic control of continuous operations, contrasted with numerical control, which provides automatic control of discrete operations. It regulates variables influencing the conduct of a process to obtain a product of a desired result.
Programmable Controllers (156 Companies)
Programmable Controller is a digital computer used for automation of electromechanical processes.
Proximity Controls (47 Companies)
Proximity Control is a sensing device that gives an indication when it is approaching or being approached by another object.
Remote Controls (63 Companies)
Generally wireless input modules (transmitters) used to control machines, equipment and devices by way of RF signals, digital pulses, or infrared optical light.
One of three controls that vary the phases of the sinusoidal voltage, applied at the horizontal scanning frequency, to the coils of the magnetic convergence assembly. Regulating a supply of alternating current by using a switching device (i.e thyristor).
An automatic control system that compares the required condition, with the actual condition, and adjusts the control element in accordance with that difference by activation of an element such as a control rod.
Solenoid Valves (35 Companies)
An electromechanical valve, for use with liquid or gas, and controlled by the electrical current through a solenoid which is part of the valve.
Solid State Controls (46 Companies)
A solid state mechanism used to regulate or guide the operation of a machine, apparatus, or system
Solid State Timers (61 Companies)
Solid State Timer employs solid state semiconductor components to trigger an event at a specified interval. The event can occur only once or can be recurring. A timer is an example of an event source for a work loop.
Temperature Controls (155 Companies)
A control device responsive to temperature and used to maintain temperature within certain limits.

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