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Connor-Winfield Corporation

2111 Comprehensive Dr.
Aurora, IL 60505
Phone: 630-851-4722
Fax: 630-851-5040

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Jitter filter/frequency translator has less than 0.16 ps jitter
The SFX-525G high-precision frequency translator and 20-Hz jitter attenuator translates an input between 8 kHz and 100 MHz to . . .
GPS clock suits precision timing apps
The Xenith TBR (Model FTS500) is an OCXO based enclosed GPS disciplined clock and a suitable timing device for . . .
OCXO is suitable for IEEE 1588 systems
Supporting IEEE 1588 system requirements, the OH300 series of OCXOs offer frequency stabilities of ±10, ±20, and ±50 ppb . . .
GPS-based time and frequency solutions
The global positioning system (GPS) constellation comprises 24 or more satellites in six orbital planes at an altitude of . . .
Clock series targets SDH/SETS,SONET
The RoHS 6/6-compliant STC5420 series are single-chip clock synchronization solutions for applications in SDH/SETS, SONET and Synchronous Ethernet network . . .