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Communication Components

Communication components is a diverse section referring to products that are basic to the communications, telemetry and wireless industry.
Active Delay Lines (24 Companies)
Active delay lines are built with digital components and used to delay digital signals only . Lines do not appreciably attenuate the signal from input to output and are characterized by specific logic device employed in design e.g. TTL, CMOS, ECL, etc.
Modulators modify a transmitted carrier wave in accordance with the desired information by amplitude, frequency, or phase variations in the carrier signal. Demodulators work in reverse fashion to recover the desired information from the carrier.
Refers to a structure that supports the radiating system, e.g. a tower or pedestal. Accessories may encompass antennas rotators, cabling, hardware, switching matrices, etc.
Bluetooth Modems (14 Companies)
Refers to modem devices that operate in the band assigned for Bluetooth® communication; namely, which broadcast in the 2.4 GHz industrial, scientific, and medical (ISM) radio band for short-range networking.
RF/microwave receivers used in communications applications, the GPS system, long range direction finding systems, and for standards or calibration. Receivers function within an overall system and include detection and signal processing equipment.
Digital Delay Lines (22 Companies)
Active delay lines in which discrete elements of the line allow a signal to be delayed by a number of samples. When implemented as a circular buffer, the total delay may be an integer multiple of samples resulting in long integer delays.
Frequency converters scale input signal to produce an output with frequency a function of the input–either up/down conversion. FSK converters use an FM technique to change digital information into discrete frequency changes of a carrier wave.
Device that interleaves (time division), simultaneously transmits (frequency division), combines video signals (example: creating composite color video signal from components in color TV) from two or more messages on the same communications channel.
HF, VHF/UHF Antennas, (153 Companies)
An antenna is a transducer designed to transmit or receive electromagnetic waves. Used in systems such as radio and TV broadcasting, point-to-point communications, satellite communications, telecommunications, wireless LAN, radar, space exploration, etc.
Communications modules that are used to transmit data over a local-area network (computer network covering a small geographic area, like a home, office, or group of buildings e.g. school, university, etc.).
Logarithmic Amplifiers (19 Companies)
Amplifier whose output is a logarithmic function of input. Used to convert very large dynamic range input signal to output that increases logarithmically with increasing input signal. Designed in applications for data compression and analog compensation.
Passive Delay Lines (40 Companies)
Built with analog components and can delay both analog and digital signals. Provides desired delay but also attenuates the signal from input to output since design uses discrete components e.g. resistors, capacitors and inductors.
Power Amplifiers (105 Companies)
Power amplifiers deliver a specified amount of power to a load. Used in audio frequency through RF applications. Typical power outputs may range from a few watts to several KWs, and into impedances to match output load–whether a speaker or RF antenna.
Programmable Delay Lines (26 Companies)
Programmable delay lines are usually active delay lines in which the delay can be set by the designer through a digital word or code. The number of bits in the digital word determines the total delay value and step resolution.
Pulse Amplifiers (33 Companies)
A wideband amplifier used to amplify pulse signals or square waves without appreciably changing their shape, e.g. rise time, fall time, amplitude, etc.
RFID is an automatic identification method, relying on storing and remotely retrieving data using devices called RFID tags or transponders. Readers interpret the coded information on the tag.
Also referred to as vacuum tube or electron tube. Generally tubes have been replaced by solid state devices but are still used in specialized applications, e.g. microwave ovens, high-power amplifiers, some radar systems, etc.
RFID Tags (17 Companies)
An RFID tag is an object that can be applied to or incorporated into a product, animal, or person for the purpose of identification using radio waves. Some tags can be read from several meters away and beyond the line of sight of the reader.
SAW Delay Lines (11 Companies)
Constructed of SAW materials to produce desired delay. Due to dispersive characteristics of SAW devices, lines offer wide bandwidths but have high attenuation. Used in RF/microwave processing e.g. pulse compression, spread spectrum systems, etc.
General term for a collection of individual communications networks, transmission systems, relay stations, telephone/telecom networks, and data terminal equipment usually capable of interconnection and inter-operation to form an integrated whole.
Communication processors combine a microprocessor, one or more communication ports and some type of protocol processing capability into other devices for further applications.
Applies to amplifiers capable of working over broad range of frequencies or data transmission rates. Also used to handle complex waveforms rather than simple sinusoidal waveforms. May also refer to bandwidth and the channel information carrying capacity.
Wireless Broadband Modems (81 Companies)
Modems (modulators-demodulators) in general are devices to transmit data over telephone lines. They convert digital computer data to analog sound waves and then demodulate the carrier signals to decode the transmitted information.

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