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Circuit Protection Components

Circuit protection includes components, devices, and modules, such as fuses, circuit breakers, isolators, and suppressors that passively or actively protect components, circuits, or systems from voltage/current overloads.
Circuit Breakers (68 Companies)
Circuit protection devices open a circuit automatically when the current exceeds a predetermined value. Once the fault is removed, the breaker can then be closed again by resetting a lever (either manually or automatically) to resume normal operation.
Current Limiters (42 Companies)
Prevents flow of current to a prescribed amount, independent of the voltage. Simplest limiters are fuses, circuit breakers, and resistors. In-rush current limiters have resistances that lower with temperature, limiting initial or cold inrush current.
Arresters prevent damage to equipment by shunting overload voltages to ground. Brownout protectors prevent deliberate lowering of the line voltage by providing a voltage sensing system that maintains line voltage at preset acceptable value.
Specially constructed fuseholders which have high shielding provisions and enhanced gasket placement by the fuse cap to reduce emission of RFI and EMI.
Failure Indicating Fuses (23 Companies)
Failure indicating (blown) fuses detect equipment failure by alerting personnel through indication on fuse, an alarm, etc. In event of fuse breakage, failure indication allows personnel to address hazard before equipment is damaged.
Fuse Panels (17 Companies)
A fuse panel is a metal plate on an enclosure that contains a number of fuses which may be readily viewed or accessed.
Fused Resistors (26 Companies)
Resistors designed to protect a circuit against overload by opening when the current drain exceeds design limits.
Fuseholder Boxes & Panels (42 Companies)
A fuseholder box/panel is an enclosure that contains a number of fuses or fuses blocks which separate electrical feeds for various circuits.
Fuses & Fuse Elements (59 Companies)
Usually a short piece of wire, or chemical compound, which melts and breaks the circuit when the current through it exceeds the rated value.
Gas Discharge Tubes (15 Companies)
Gas discharge (or gas-filled) tubes are arrangements of gas electrodes within an insulated seal. Traditionally made of glass, but are effective when made from ceramic or glass-lined metal. The tubes ionize the gas with voltage to conduct electricity.
Ground Fault Interrupters (17 Companies)
Electrical protection device that disconnects circuit when it detects a current unbalance between neutral and live conductor. Also known as appliance leakage current interrupter, ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI), or residual current device (RCD).
International Fuses (29 Companies)
Outside of North America many manufacturers use metric-sized (international) fuses. Usually these standard fuses are smaller than domestic type (ex. 5 x 20 mm), but have the same circuit protection specifications and carry SEMKO and VDE approvals.
Line Isolators (19 Companies)
Used in applications where an isolated ground is necessary, especially in telecom devices. Also isolator provides excellent noise rejection at low frequencies, reduces ground loop or line interference. May use Faraday shield design for improved isolation.
Two-electrode semiconductors used to protect electronic equipment against sudden or transient surges of power in an AC power line, or against voltage surges due to static or lightning.
Protect against over current surge faults by limiting flow of high current during fault conditions. Devices do not require replacement after fault as they reset themselves, allowing circuit to resume normal operating conditions once power is removed.
Spark Gaps (23 Companies)
Made up of two conducting electrodes separated by a gap filled with air or similar gas. When design voltage is exceeded, sparks form to ionize the gas and diminish its resistance. Spark gaps protect equipment against surges and damaging outages.
Surface Mount Fuses (21 Companies)
Discrete fuses which are packaged without leads and fastened directly to foil patterns. Used in space-constrained applications; such as, hand-held electronic devices, cell phones, digital cameras, DVD players, etc.
Surge Suppressors (114 Companies)
Surge Suppressors are designed to protect electrical devices from voltage spikes. Regulates the voltage supplied to device by either blocking the supply, or shortening the source to ground when the applied voltage exceeds the safe threshold.
Thermal Fuses (23 Companies)
A cutoff using a one-time fusible link that cannot be reset and must be replaced due to overheating failure. Found in heat-producing electrical appliances e.g. hair dryer, where fuse functions as safety device to disconnect current to heating element.
Solid state discrete or modular components that respond to sudden overvoltage to protect electronic equipment and circuits. TVSs are the fastest-responding overvoltage protector and are designed to prevent voltage spikes from affecting electronics.

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