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Central Semiconductor Corp.

145 Adams Ave.
Hauppauge, NY 11788
Phone: 631-435-1110
Fax: 631-435-1824

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200-V to 1-kV rectifiers offered in LPDIP pkg
The CBRLD1 series of 1A, high-voltage bridge rectifiers suit applications that need high voltage, high power density, and a . . .
Schottky rectifier 58% smaller than SMB pkg
The CMSH3-40FL 3.0-A, 40-V Schottky rectifier is packaged in the SMBFL case that has a profile that is 58% . . .
Low-profile transistors come in tiny packages
The CTLT3410-M621 (npn) and CTLT7410-M621 (pnp) transistors, in a space-saving low-profile TLM521 SMT package, are rated at 1.0 A . . .
25-mVCE(sat)transistors offered in TLM621 pkg
The CTLT3410-M621 (npn) and CTLT7410-M621 (pnp) transistors are offered in 0.8-mm profile, 2.47-mm2 area, TLM621 surface-mount package. The . . .
200-V rectifiers offered in surface mount pkgs
A portfolio of 200V surface mount Schottky rectifiers suit high voltage applications. The CMSH1-200HE (1 A, 200 V, SMA . . .