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Fundamental electrical components that store charge and energy in the electric field between a pair of conductors (“plates”) separated by an insulating material called the dielectric. Used in electronic circuits, filters, power supplies, etc.
Chip Capacitors (97 Companies)
Subminiature capacitors (usually ceramic and solid tantalum) which are packaged in a chip form and fastened directly to foil patterns.
Feed-Thru Capacitors (63 Companies)
Provides a desired value of capacitance between the feed-thru conductor and the metal chassis or panel through which the conductor is passing. Superior performance over typical two-terminal capacitor due to minimal lead inductance.
Consists of two metallic plates separated by a ceramic dielectric whose area and spacing determines the capacitance. These capacitors are low cost and suitable for used for general purpose circuits.
Usually required where motor starting torques must be relatively high in relation to running torque. Can be found in motors in conjunction with the windings.
Fixed Air Capacitors (10 Companies)
A capacitor having only air as the dielectric material between its plates.
Consists of two conducting electrodes, with the anode having an aluminum metal oxide film acting as the dielectric material or insulating medium. These capacitors are generally used in filtering, bypassing and coupling.
Alternate layers of metal (electrodes) with ceramic (dielectric) materials. Ceramic capacitors tend to have low inductance and dielectric losses. Generally used in filters and timing applications.
General term for capacitors using layers of metal and insulated with polyester, polycarbonate, polypropylene, polystyrene, or other dielectric materials.
Generally used as part of a suppression network to reduce spikes and EMI in power supply designs.
Fixed Mica Capacitors (22 Companies)
Constructed with mica sheets as the dielectric material between adjacent plates. Mica capacitors do not change physically or chemically with age and have good temperature stability and resistance to corona damage.
Fixed Niobium Capacitors (8 Companies)
Similar to tantalum electrolytic capacitors but where niobium is used as the anode. Niobium metal is more abundant, cheaper, and lighter than tantalum, but fall short of tantalum capacitors in leakage current and operating temperature stability.
Formed with paper impregnated with electrical grade oil, or similar high dielectric constant fluid, with extended foil plates. Primarily designed to provide very large capacitances for industrial AC energy storage applications.
General term for capacitors with metal foil layers rolled into a cylinder with paper dielectric material
Consists of two metallic plates separated by a porcelain dielectric insulator. These type of capacitors are used in RF and microwave applications for their very high Qs.
Tantalum electrolytic capacitors use tantalum material for the electrodes. These capacitors are superior to aluminum electrolytic capacitors in temperature and frequency characteristics.
High Voltage Capacitors (77 Companies)
Defined as capacitors whose working voltage exceeds 500 volts DC. Used in high voltage power supplies, X-ray devices, pulse applications, voltage multipliers, etc.
Capacitors designed with low lead inductance for external connection to the plates and in the internal series interconnects used to join sets of plates together. Low ESL capacitors are desired in bypass and decoupling applications.
Have a low equivalent internal AC series resistance which is desirable in power supplies, high-current pulse circuitry, RF/microwave elements, and other applications.
Multiple-Layer Capacitors (89 Companies)
Multiple-layer capacitors interleave dielectric and electrode layers. This type of capacitor has increased current handling capacity, higher Q, and lower internal series resistance than conventional capacitors of the same size and capacitance.
Usually aluminum capacitors with a high-conductivity solid organic semiconductive electrolytic material which enables smaller size, lower ESR, better ripple response, and flatter temperature characteristics than an equivalent aluminum electrolytic.
Power Capacitors (65 Companies)
This is a general term referring to capacitors that handle large currents or high voltages, can be used in charging systems, and applications in electrical distribution systems.
Surface Mount Capacitors (65 Companies)
Discrete miniature capacitors which are packaged without leads and fastened directly to foil patterns.
Unconventional internal design yields a larger capacitance per unit volume than other types. Valuable for high-current and low frequency electrical circuits, power supply filters, etc. Applications are similar to those of rechargeable batteries.
Variable Capacitors (43 Companies)
Capacitors whose value may be changed by using mechanical means to vary the distance between the plates or the amount of overlapping plate surface; or variable capacitance diodes that change their capacitance as a function of the applied voltage.

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