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Broadcom Corporation

16215 Alton Pkwy.
Irvine, CA 92618
Phone: 949-450-8700
Fax: 949-450-8710

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Recent Articles for Broadcom Corporation:
Broadcom Heads to 2013 Consumer Electronics Show with Innovations for Connected Car Market
Connected Car Zone to Feature Ethernet, WiFi, Bluetooth and GPS-powered Advanced Safety and Infotainment Applications . . .
Broadcom: Ethernet switch delivers maximum port count
Think about a single chip that provides 128 10-GbE ports. Not possible right? Well, Broadcom’s latest Ethernet switch chip, . . .
Broadcom study outlines connectivity personality types and top habits of highly connected people
News Highlights: . . .
Comm processor yields 4x performance boost
The XLP 200 series communications processor has one or two superscalar, quad-issue, processing engines with out-of-order execution. The 28-nm . . .
Diagnostic tools suit cable operators
Capturing the entire 1-GHz cable spectrum, the full suite of remote monitoring and diagnostic tools provide access to real-time . . .

Videos for Broadcom Corporation:
Broadcom reveals new Ethernet switch/traffic manager IC
Edward Doe, Broadcoms director of product management, describes a new IC targeting fast backhaul in cell tower platforms.
The BCM5644 Ethernet multilayer switch and traffic manager IC provides 1000x cell phone system backhaul speeds with lower cost and power.
Reference Design Documents for Broadcom Corporation:
Broadcom: IP Set-Top Box Reference Design
The Broadcom BCM97318AVC IP set-top box reference design is a complete hardware and software design based on the IP-STB-Chipset.
Broadcom: WiFi Phone Reference Design
The BCM91160 Wi-Fi Phone Reference Design demonstrates how Broadcoms highly integrated VoIP/WLAN chipset can be used to develop a cost-effective phone for residential and enterprise applications
Broadcom Announces Innovative Reference Design Platform to Enable the Next Wave of Low Cost HEDGE Smartphones
Broadcom Corporation, a global leader in semiconductors for wired and wireless communications, today announced a new HEDGE reference design platform that will significantly accelerate the process of developing next generation smartphones for mass consumer handsets. The new reference design is based on Broadcoms breakthrough 65 nanometer single-chip dual-core HSDPA + EDGE multimedia baseband processor and integrates the leading connectivity solutions on a compact, cost efficient platform featuring all-Broadcomreg; silicon for the major communications components.
Broadcom® Wireless LAN Solutions Wi-Fi CERTIFIED
AirForce BCM94306M 2.4 GHz IEEE 802.11g baseband processor with integrated Medium Access Controllers (MAC) features maxperformance with extended reach, powerful security, and high-speed Wi-Fi connectivity. This new low power solution draws 75 percent less power than other leading wireless solutions and typically consumes less than one minute of the overall life of a notebook battery. The BCM94306M reference designs have been Wi-Fi CERTIFIED interoperable for both 802.11b and 802.11g, and include advanced AirForce features such as SmartRadio, standards-based Xpress Technology for improved overall network efficiency, and powerful security including AES in hardware, WPA and CCX. Reference designs for MiniPCI, CardBus, and PCI.
Broadcom Development Kit for Bluetooth enabled applications
Broadcom offers development kits (DK) enabling application developers to write Bluetooth enabled applications for PCs and PDAs. The DK includes application programming interfaces, sample applications, documentation and support to allow developers to write applications for the BTW and BTW-CE communication software.